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Enterprises across industries are in the race to digitally transform and stay ahead of the competition. A recent survey of global enterprise IT leaders found 97% of organizations will undertake digital transformation initiatives this year, further reinforcing the urgency of IT modernization.

But at the heart of digitization lies new pressures on IT teams as organizations struggle to achieve a truly connected state. The average business transaction now crosses 35 different back-end systems, generating more data than ever before. To successfully execute digital transformation initiatives, companies must untangle the IT systems they’ve implemented over the years, connecting all the applications, data, and devices needed to support the emerging technologies they are investing in.

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Bottom line: these capabilities are only possible with a flexible and robust integration solution.

Most IT groups know this too, but they often struggle to rally their organizations behind a new integration approach. Why? A key reason is that they are not communicating the integration value story in a clear and compelling way.

To help IT leaders structure, calculate, and articulate the business value of their integration efforts, MuleSoft developed a set of tools to help you measure and convey the value of integration to the broader business:

  • Value Calculator: spend just 5 minutes completing our online survey to gauge 5 years of integration impact.
  • Value of integration framework: learn how to articulate the value of integration in two categories: direct value, known as platform benefits, and indirect value, known as business outcomes. 

Calculating and articulating integration value helps business-oriented executives understand why different approaches to integration matter. It can also motivate integration project teams by underscoring the business value of their projects. 

Download the whitepaper, How to articulate the value of integration, to access the full framework and detailed customer examples.