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Customer expectations are constantly changing, which puts immense pressure on businesses to innovate or suffer the consequences. As a result, 97% of executives surveyed for the 2019 MuleSoft Connectivity Benchmark Report say digital transformation is a top priority for their organization. To meet customer expectations, a company must be able to derive important insights from data, as well as automate and streamline its business processes. Unfortunately, the complexity of today’s IT landscape presents a paradox because, as you connect more systems and capture more data, it becomes increasingly difficult to use it to optimize the customer experience.

How legacy integration approaches slow you down

To the untrained eye, the aforementioned challenges are consistently misunderstood. Many line of business teams don’t realize the complexity of system integration, with legacy systems of record, disparate object models, incompatible protocols, proprietary languages, application sprawl, and possibly waning or lack of organizational expertise across any one (generally, legacy) system. To make matters worse, systems are often glued together with legacy ESBs, SOA, and custom code, creating a brittle IT landscape that acts like quicksand for innovation. All the while, your competition is capitalizing on that technical debt. So what can you do?

Anypoint Templates accelerate SAP integration

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Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform is the number one integration platform to connect any app, data, or device, including SAP. To streamline your integration process even further, we’ve developed Anypoint Templates to solve common integration needs between SAP, Salesforce, and Workday. Using MuleSoft’s templates, you can accelerate connectivity to propel your business forward. This results in real-time consistency across applications, geographies, business units, departments, and more.

Go from idea to production in just a few clicks

Go from a blank canvas to a production application, quickly and easily with Anypoint Templates. Rather than starting from scratch, Anypoint Templates for SAP define how to solve specific business use cases leveraging prebuilt integration flows with MuleSoft’s SAP-certified connectors for SAP ERP, S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris).

Simply download an Anypoint Template, add custom fields, configure outbound notifications or events, adjust mappings, and/or modify queries.

Our SAP templates are tailored for specific business processes. This minimizes your workload, while giving you the flexibility to customize to your unique business needs. Even if your use case involves different endpoints or connectors than those included in the template, you still start with a leg up.

Productized integration use cases

Anypoint Templates have been designed, tested, and productized using design pattern best practices, based on collaboration with hundreds of MuleSoft customers. Our templates are based on five common data integration patterns and can be customized and extended to fit your integration needs. These integration patterns — migration, broadcast, aggregation, publish-subscribe, and bidirectional synchronization — represent the most logical sequence to solve common integration use cases.

Build your application network with Anypoint Templates for SAP

The proliferation of modern, best-of-breed applications, connected through API-led integration, gives organizations incredible leverage through network effects. By breaking down silos across your organization, you build an enterprise of applications, also known as an application network. The application network provides an infrastructure for information exchange, allowing businesses to plug applications into the network.

Application networks change the speed of innovation for enterprises by connecting data, applications, and devices in a standardized way using APIs. In this model, Anypoint Templates serve as the building blocks, or composite integration apps, each one representing a network node in your application network.

Get started with Anypoint Templates for SAP

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Templates for SAP are built to be configured, customized, extended, and reused. Anypoint Templates for SAP facilitate data and process integration across Accounts and Partners, Opportunities, Contacts, Products and Materials, Orders, Employees and Workers, and Organization objects.

Anypoint Templates are:

  • Complete for atomic use cases: Comprehensive and focused on solving a specific business need.
  • Extensible: Designed to grow or be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • High-quality: Built and tested with production quality in mind.
  • Elegant: Built to read like an integration story so that they are easily understood.
  • Documented: Comprehensive documentation helps understand how each template functions.
  • Easy-to-find and use: Search and browse templates in Anypoint Exchange.

To learn more, head to Anypoint Exchange where you can find and download all of our SAP templates.