The 12 Days of Christmas with Mule

December 24 2012


There is only so much food you can eat and bad Christmas TV you can watch before you need to engage your brain again. Starting tomorrow we’ll be giving you a little something to help you discover Mule over The 12 Days of Christmas. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn more or a Mule veteran we have recipes, book chapters and other goodies for the new year.

Lightweight RPC with ØMQ and Protocol Buffers

November 5 2012


A frequent issue I come across writing integration applications with Mule is deciding how to communicate back and forth between my front end application, typically a web or mobile application, and a flow hosted on Mule.

I could use web services and do something like annotate a component with JAX-RS and expose this out over HTTP.  This is potentially overkill,  particularly if I only want to host a few methods, the methods are asynchronous or I don’t want to deal with the overhead of HTTP.  

Come see MuleSoft at THINKstrategies Cloud Channel Summit

November 2 2012


This Monday, we are very excited to be participating in Cloud Channel Summit, hosted by THINKstrategies. As more Enterprises are moving to the cloud, SaaS ISV’s have an opportunity to grow their customer base from the early SaaS adopters in small businesses through to the largest of Enterprises. At MuleSoft we understand Enterprise IT projects and what it takes to make systems and applications work together.

Mule School: Integration with Social Media: Part II – Facebook


This tutorial is the second in a series of blog posts that explain how to integrate Mule and Social Media.

Today’s post will focus on connecting to Facebook and updating your status on facebook.
Other posts to expect will integratie Mule and:

Community forums have a new face


We are proud to announce the newly redesigned Community Forums are up and running. Along with a new clean design, we’ve enhanced the overall user experience by making content easily searchable and accessible. Here are a few other highlights:

2011: A Mule Retrospective

December 19 2011


As cliché as it is to say, it’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I last took stock of Mule. When I look back on 2011, it’s absolutely incredible to me how far MuleSoft and the Mule community have come.

Come and see us at JavaOne


See Mule iON in action at the TwilioCon Hackathon

September 20 2011


Come see Mule iON in action at the TwilioCon hackathon Wednesday Sept 21st. Better yet, come build cool apps and win some awesome prizes. Win a super cool Mule t-shirt by leveraging the Mule iON platform to build your hackathon demo. The winning Mule iON entry will receive the perfect accessory for showcasing your Twilio demo: a Jawbone Jambox!

Mule Cloud Connector for Twilio and Module for TwiML make it easy to build Twilio-enabled apps and services that you can run on iON.

Cloud Connectors + Mule iON screencast


This post is all about developing Cloud Connectors and deploying apps to Mule iON, but rather than just using words I created a screencast that demonstrates how to use Cloud connectors and Mule Flow to build applications that can be run on Mule or Mule iON.

Cloud Connectors provide simple and reusable integration with Social Media APIs (like Facebook and Twitter) and Cloud platforms (for example Amazon Web Services).

Ship your mule to the cloud


Cargo is a library providing a thin abstraction layer above containers life cycle and applications deployment. Think about integration testing Swiss army knife. It can be used from ant, maven or as a Java library to manipulate most available containers.

Starting today cargo has an open-source Mule implementation.