Mule ESB once again named top open source ESB by InfoWorld

September 1 2009


In their annual 2009 Bossie Awards, InfoWorld once again named Mule ESB as the #1 open source ESB, in the “Best of Open Source Platforms and Middleware” category.

Among the choice quotes: “The Mule ESB takes our prize for the finest enterprise service bus in the open source pantheon.”

Congratulations to the core development team and the Mule community for continuing to drive innovation in integration!

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2 Responses to “Mule ESB once again named top open source ESB by InfoWorld”

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  2. Congratulations to all the mule fans! and especially to the Mule Development team. Although i am new to the Mule technology but with all the introductions and the success stories i have read about the MuleESB, i strongly believe that it’s one technology that really worth the time to explore and it will be a more ground breaking in the nearest future, just like Java Technology is a success, MuleESB will also be more than a success. Congrats to all the Mule fans!

    -micheal abobade