Development Process: Estimation is futile


How much time do you invest in estimating your backlog? Do you really get any value from it? When was the last time you thought about the value it provides you? I can see estimation as a source of problems in many ways.

MuleSoft partners with Axial exchange to release open source healthcare interoperability


In 2010, MuleSoft is getting very proactive about energizing the partners segment of our community.  This month we are really happy about a new partnership we’ve entered into with a bunch of ex-Red Hatter’s via a new start up called Axial.  Axial aims to disrupt the traditional proprietary handling of electronic medical record management by a few dozen large healthcare ISV’s by driving down the cost and level of effort required to enable medical record sharing. 

Reducing risk of IT failure


ObjectWatch has put out a report titled The IT Complexity Crisis: Danger and Opportunity. They estimate that we are losing $500 billion per month in IT failures. That’s a scary number. If this rate of failure continues, business confidence in IT will diminish.

A couple of points in the report caught my eye, as they are applicable to the points we have been discussing over the last several months.