Hybrid Integration Platforms – What are they? How to use one?

June 6 2014

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Applications, systems, and services used by businesses have evolved over the years, complicating the enterprise ecosystem. With the growing need to connect heterogeneous endpoints in various locations, businesses end up with a divided ecosystem – with systems on-premises needing to communicate with applications in the cloud.

Enabling seamless connectivity between systems and services across the enterprise requires a Hybrid Integration Platform (). An leverages both an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and cloud-based integration technology, like an iPaaS solution to support the implementation of applications that leverage cloud and on-premises resources. To accelerate the establishment of an HIP in your organization, Gartner provides best practices that highlight how your organization can best use a hybrid integration platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and on-premises integration.

In this Gartner report, “How to Use Hybrid Integration Platforms Effectively”,  analyst Jess Thompson covers:

  • What is an HIP?
  • How to effectively establish an HIP in your organization
  • Analysis of a large pharmaceutical company’s implementation of an HIP

Download the entire report »

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