What is datataloader.io and Why is it Used by Tens of Thousands of Users?

Getting data from and into Salesforce is one of the biggest challenges for Salesforce administrators, especially when it comes to figuring out which data loading tool to use. There are many great data loading solutions provided by multiple vendors; however, when it comes to customer choice, dataloader.io is the #1 data loading tool available through AppExchange.

In this blog, we’ll summarize why dataloader.io is the top choice and show how to get started using it.

Why dataloader.io?

It’s quick, secure, easy and much more. Here’s how dataloader.io makes it easy to get data from and into Salesforce:

  • Cloud-based: dataloader.io is a 100% cloud-based solution, which means no download is required. Simply login with your Salesforce credentials and you’re ready to import/export data.
  • Secure: dataloader.io uses OAuth 2.0 so you can get started quickly without compromising security. In addition, all data used by dataloader.io is encrypted and secured.
  • Easy to use: A step-by-step process allows you to import and export information in a breeze. 
  • Smart auto-mapping: You can spend less time mapping data from the source file to the Salesforce fields with features such as auto-mapping, keyboard shortcuts, and search filters.
  • Advanced features: Get advanced with writing your own SOQL queries and verify them before sending information to Salesforce.
  • Powerful: Export/Import 100K records in ~1 minute with dataloader.io. Exporting related objects through a single pull removes manual and redundant work required to pull multiple datasets and re-associate them in Excel. 
  • Integrated: Import and export data directly from Box, DropBox, FTP and SFTP repositories quickly and easily.
  • Schedule in advance: Schedule tasks to import and export data automatically on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Manage it all through a single account: Manage multiple Salesforce connection in Sandbox and Production via the same account. You can also see all previous imports, exports, and deletions with “Task History” view.
  • Free: Thousands of users take advantage of dataloader.io for free; however, users with heavy loads might want to look into Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Customer voice 

We love our customers who share their success stories and provide us with feedback. Below are just a few of them.

Getting started

To get started, simply go to dataloader.io website and login using your Salesforce credentials – no sign-up is required. That’s it, now you can export and import data from/into your Salesforce organization. In case you need more guidance and you’re not a fan of reading docs, learn more by watching a few product videos below.


Import data into Salesforce, schedule imports of data so they run automatically and import directly from Box, Dropbox, (S)FTP.


Export data from Salesforce, set a filtration criteria, schedule exports so they run automatically and export directly to services like Box, Dropbox, and (S)FTP.

Should you have additional questions, check our Help Center where you can find product updates, community forum and get access to our dataloader.io experts.

Thanks again for choosing dataloader.io and making us the #1 data loading app in AppExchange!


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