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Many of our customers report launching new products 50% faster, and that developers can push out apps at twice as fast while using Anypoint Platform. A core part of these stories is how Anypoint Platform provides universal connectivity — the ability to connect to any system, anywhere. As an agnostic technology platform, we provide a means to integrate and connect customer experiences to any backend system from commonly used SaaS applications to more generally used open-source connectivity protocols, drastically reducing the development and operational time of building and managing integrations. 

The connectivity team at MuleSoft is incredibly excited to give our customers more ways to get data from a number of brand new systems and technologies. In collaboration with our partners, we have added 11 new connectors and numerous functional enhancements to connectors across notable cloud ecosystems (Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and others) as well as best-of-breed platforms (MongoDB, ServiceNow, Braintree, Plaid and others). We’ve also expanded our B2B connectors offerings that enable our customers to build Mule flows to efficiently transact with their customers and partners.  

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Below are 11 new connectors that you can now leverage with Anypoint Platform:

1. Azure Service Bus Connector: 

Implement event-driven architectures, taking advantage of Azure’s fully hosted message broker. This connector enables you to receive and broadcast messages between applications and services in a distributed way by subscribing to Azure Service Bus topics. Common use cases include the creation of automated tasks and workflows — such as purchase orders and inventory management.

Visit the Azure Service Bus Connector to learn more.

2. Azure Service Bus Management Connector: 

The new connector for Azure Service Bus Management supports dynamic provisioning of Service Bus namespaces and entities for queues, topics, and subscriptions. This connector enables complex deployments and makes it possible to programmatically determine what entities to provision.

Visit the Azure Service Bus Management Connector to learn more.

3. Braintree Connector: 

In partnership with PayPal, this new connector can integrate with Paypal’s Braintree gateway — a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in mobile apps or websites. This helps ensure that the connector is built by those who understand best how Braintree works. 

Visit the Braintree Connector to learn more.

4. Codat Connector: 

Using Codat’s Connector, securely access your accounting software to make faster, more informed business decisions based on accurate and up-to-date financial data. 

Visit the Codat Connector to learn more.

5. Dropbox User Connector: 

This connector allows users to leverage Dropbox’s User Endpoints API to manage files, folders, and other entities, including advanced functionality like full-text search, thumbnails, and sharing. 

Visit the Dropbox User Connector to learn more.

6. Liferay Connector: 

Liferay is an open-source company focussed on enterprise portal technology. The Liferay connector enables you to dynamically configure the documents available in Liferay’s Portals. 

Visit the Liferay Connector to learn more.

7. Metrc Connector: 

Metrc’s tracing system helps state regulators track cannabis movement from seed-to-sale. The Metrc connector enables state agencies to interact with the Metrc’s APIs to record the inventory and movement of cannabis products through the commercial supply chain. 

Visit the Metrc Connector to learn more.

8. Plaid Connector: 

This connector enables you to leverage consumer-permissioned connectivity to the thousands of financial apps and services in the Plaid network. 

Visit the Plaid Connector to learn more.

9. Quatrix Connector: 

The new Quatrix Connector enables organizations to leverage a secure cloud data transfer and online storage service that centralizes and controls file sharing over HTTP or SFTP. 

Visit the Quatrix Connector to learn more.

10. SMB Connector: 

You can use the Server Message Block Protocol (SMB protocol) via this connector to share files, printers, serial ports, and other resources on a network. This is a “certified” connector provided by Apisero, and is available to MuleSoft customers who have a subscription to our platform.

Visit the SMB Connector to learn more.

11. Verato Connector: 

Verato’s APIs enable healthcare providers to easily integrate with Verato Universal Master Person Index (UMPI) that matches and links person records. 

Visit the Verato Connector to learn more.

Additional connector enhancements

To improve the functionality and ease of use for our existing connectors, we’ve made additional enhancements, including gaining industry-standard certifications, enhancements to our B2B connectors, as well as refreshing our documentation site  Please read below for more details. 

  • Our Salesforce connector is now Salesforce GovCloud compliant. This enables our customers to leverage our customers to run FIPS compliant workloads. Visit the Salesforce connector to learn more.
  • We received the “SAP certified” accreditation from SAP for our SAP ECC connector and our S4/HANA connectors. This allows customers to take advantage of more advanced integration features for SAP and S/4HANA technology. Visit the SAP connectors to learn more.
  • Our AS2 connector achieved the Drummond Group interoperability certification. This industry accreditation certifies our AS2 solution as secure and interoperable with over 700+ AS2 providers in the market to provide greater flexibility for business to business transactions. Visit the AS2 connector to learn more.
  • 10 new X12 versions until 7050 were added to the X12 connector. Each version enables capabilities to process 300+ transactions used in industries, such as retail and consumer goods, insurance, and manufacturing. Visit the X12 connector to learn more.
  • Broadened support for EDIFACT by adding 24 additional versions. Visit our EDIFACT connector to learn more.
  • We also launched an all-new experience for our connectors documentation. This enables Anypoint Platform users to access all connector-related documentation in one place and filter by on connector and Mule runtime version (Mule 3 vs. Mule 4). Each connector topic also displays the connector version, supported Mule runtime, and connector level (premium vs. select) so it’s easier to find the connector you are looking for.

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