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Magento eCommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. Magento provides feature-rich eCommerce platforms that offer merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel.

Now you can easily integrate Magento with your other applications using Mule.  The Magento connector exposes the common Magento APIs for Order tracking, Customer management, Stock Management, Invoicing, Product Management, Categorization and more. The Mule connector offers a Java interface to the API and integration with Mule Flow.

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The following example shows how to read product price updates from Mongo DB (it could be any database) and update products in Magento:

1. At the very top in the schema section we include the Magento namespace, this gives us access to the Magento API in the flow.

2. Next we configure Magento with a user name and password to access the API.

3. The first Flow reads from a MongoDB to get price updates

4. The second flow looks up products from Magento using an SKU that we get from the database.

5. For each product the price is updated.

6. The third flow pulls the other two flows together and publishes the flow on http://localhost:9091/magento-demo-update-product.

7. Hitting this URL will cause the flow to call out to MongoDB for price updates and then update product prices in Magento.

MashON deploys new partners in days not months

We recently published a customer success story where Mashon, the company behind the leading web based,custom product design application for eCommerce, reduced their time to on-board new partners from months to days with Mule.

One of the major requirements of MashON’s platform was integration with e-commerce ecosystems such as Magento. Mule’s Magento Cloud Connector made Magento integration very straightforward. Initially MashON’s most pressing need was supporting professional services customers on MashON. Once this was achieved, MashON next developed a module for the Magento community to embed their MashON creator into any Magento store. The Mule Magento connector is used to interface with the Magento API to receive orders from Magento stores and provide updates with status when fulfillment progresses. “Cloud Connectors make integration with cloud service extremely straightforward. We rely heavily on the Magento connector for multiple use cases” said Aaron Judd, Director of Development, MashON.

Using Magento and Mule

The Magento Connector is available on MuleForge with instructions how to install and use the connector.  You can provide feedback and suggest enhancements on the forums.  Enjoy!

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