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During the crisis, many businesses have rallied around three priorities as they look to a new normal:

  1. Ensuring business continuity:
  2. Empowering the digital workforce:
  3. Using technology to transform: 

With Anypoint Connectors, you can accelerate your journey by easily integrating with third-party applications — all out-of-the-box. Improve your data connectivity to make your organization more agile, create seamless experiences for your digital workforce by integrating employee lifecycle systems, and prepare your business for the future with technology that’s built to handle change.

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Here are 10 Anypoint Connectors that can help you achieve just that. 

1. Salesforce Connector

Accelerate your Salesforce integrations across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and the Salesforce Platform to accelerate business processes, create a single customer view, and more.

The Salesforce Connector allows you to connect to any part of Salesforce and automate your business processes. It supports creating, reading, upserting, and deleting operations across Salesforce objects, enables Salesforce’s bulk operations, and enables you to easily leverage custom fields to solve integrating with your Salesforce instance.

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2. Amazon S3 Connector

Take advantage of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) — a web storage service that allows organizations to store data in the cloud — by creating instant connectivity with other systems in your organization.

The Amazon S3 Connector lets you access any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. You can interface Amazon S3 to store objects, download, and use data with other AWS services. The connector also allows you to integrate Amazon S3 with other databases, CMS applications such as Drupal, and CRM applications such as Salesforce.

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3. SAP Connector

Enable real-time integration of data across your business — from financial accounting, controlling, and materials management to sales, distribution, and customer service. 

The SAP Connector helps you integrate different on-premise and cloud-based business applications with SAP ERP Central Component (ECC). You can easily sync SAP data with your business apps such as Salesforce, Workday, and Marketo, as well as automate sales order processing between SAP, ERP, and your CRM.

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4. OAuth2 Provider Module Connector

Secure access to your data and applications by deploying secure integrations using the OAuth2 authorization standard. Plus, control how users interact with various resources across your organization through enforcement of configurable policies. 

The OAuth2 Provider Module Connector allows you to configure a Mule application as an AuthenticationManager in an OAuth2 Dance. This means you can easily authenticate previously registered clients, grant tokens, validate tokens, or register and delete clients — all during the execution of a flow.

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5. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Connector

Integrate your applications to directory services via the LDAP connector for easy workforce management. Act on a single source of truth for employee information across your organization.  

The LDAP Connector allows you to access and maintain numerous LDAP based systems and perform operations over an internet protocol (IP) network. The connector makes it easy for users to interface with applications and systems and return mission-critical information, such as accounts, and perform operations such as search, add, modify, delete, and more. 

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6. Slack Connector

Take your organization’s Slack use to the next level by integrating Slack functionalities with your organization’s team chats, creating notifications, automating responses, and more. 

The Slack Connector allows you to post a message, send a file, or interact with a helper bot in the channel of your choosing. The connector also supports native OAuth2 authentication with your other existing Slack applications.

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7. Azure Connector 

Accelerate cloud storage integrations for modern data storage scenarios across Azure Cloud and automate business processes with ease. 

The Azure Connector gives you access to all Azure storage entities, such as Blobs, Tables, Queues Files, etc. With this connector, you can integrate Azure storage with other business applications for cloud storage, upload and retrieve images or documents in the cloud, create a backlog of work to process asynchronous, and more. 

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8. Workday Connector 

Create a single view of your employees by extending the capabilities of Workday by seamlessly integrating with third-party SaaS applications, systems, and services that are vital to the human resources ecosystem. 

The Workday Connector enables instant connectivity to the Workday API, allowing organizations to integrate core human resources processes such as recruiting, talent management, payroll, benefits, time tracking, procurement, and more.

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9. SharePoint Connector

Improve collaboration by integrating your applications with any number of Sharepoint team sites across your organization. Search your entire enterprise for the information you need to perform common business processes.

The Microsoft SharePoint Connector provides support for both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online for use in the cloud and on-premises. With this connector, you can manage content and documents, access to intranet and extranet portals and websites, and integrate with SharePoint via its REST API.

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10. X12 EDI Module Connector

Integrate with partners and vendors securely over the X12 EDI data format to build reusable services for common scenarios, such as placing purchasing orders or submitting invoices.

The X12 EDI Module Connector supports reading, validating, and writing X12 messages. For each trading partner, you can configure message validation options and configure schemas according to your trading partner’s implementation convention. Additionally, you can generate 997 or 999 acknowledgments based on compliance with the partner configuration.

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