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Today, we’re excited to release the private beta of Anypoint Connector for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud. 

Global retailers of all sizes — such as Adidas, Lacoste and Asics — use Salesforce B2C Commerce to deliver delightful e-Commerce experiences to shoppers worldwide, whether through mobile, social media, or through a custom web storefront. Behind many of these experiences are Commerce Cloud’s Open Commerce APIs, or OCAPI,  that allow external web applications to interface with the platform’s core commerce functionality.

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OCAPI is a REST API, which provides support for three main components: 

  • Shop API, which enables storefront workflows and interactions, such as providing access to shopping applications, social network integrations, or cart/checkout integrations into a mobile app.  
  • Data API, which provides access to digital application configuration and integrations to OMS, CRM, and PIM to manage data.  
  • Meta API, which provides access to developer tooling to increase developer efficiency. 

During this beta process, the B2C Commerce Connector will provide support for all operations in OCAPI’s Shop API, so that you can access product and catalog data, retrieve customer-specific data, or submit an item into the checkout basket. 

Interested in participating in the beta? Please contact your Customer Success Manager. Please note that this is a private beta, so limited access will be provided to customers.