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In our latest installment in the MuleSoft webinar series, we'll introduce you to Anypoint Exchange! We'll walk you through a demo showcasing both the public and private exchange. In the public exchange, you can access hundreds of templates, examples, and connectors made available to you by MuleSoft. In the private exchange, you can expose your own internal assets so that your organization can get the most benefit from each asset or project that you create. This is extremely helpful in onboarding new users to Anypoint Platform™ inside your organization, providing best practices for how to best integrate with or consume internal services, and promoting a culture of sharing and reusing the insights and learnings with team members.

Check out the webinar and learn:

  • What is Anypoint Exchange, where to use it, and why it's valuable
  • The difference between public and private assets in Anypoint Exchange
  • How to set up, control access to, and create and edit entries in your Anypoint Exchange

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