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February was a great month for community contributions. We had many outstanding forum helpers provide thoughtful answers to their peers in addition to writing and sharing compelling blog content. Let’s dive into the amazing contributions from this month!

The helpers of the month

This month, we’d like to recognize the great work of several community members who provided an impressive number of answers to their peers:

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And two well-known names keep giving their best:

  • Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Application Specialist at Veritas Technologies – read his answers here.
  • Rohit Reddy, MuleSoft developer at Creditsafe – read his answers here.

Thanks to all these developers for making the MuleSoft community a great place to learn and get help!

The blogs of the month

This month, several blogs about Mule 4 caught our attention:

  • Keep your Mule Dependencies up to date, by Patryk Bandurski, Senior Consultant at PwC Polska: In this blog, Patryk explains how component modularization, introduced in Mule 4, helps make your dependencies clearer — all with just a Maven version command to see what’s up to date and what should be updated within your pom file.
  • Externalizing scripts: a way of reusing scripts, by Patryk Bandurski: Patryk shares how he keeps his XML configuration files easily readable by externalizing DataWeave transformations, SQL queries, and other content, and how to do it with Mule 3 and Mule 4.

Other topics also covered:

The pro of the month

This month, we’re highlighting the story of Vikalp Bhalia, Associate Consultant at Capgemini in Pune, India. Vikalp successfully passed the Integration Professional exam; below he shares what his journey looked like.

Vikalp Bhalia

“I started my MuleSoft journey with a project in the retail industry — that gradually made me discover the benefits and concepts that MuleSoft brings to businesses.

Project after project, I got to know the platform very well and was able to pass a few Associate MuleSoft certifications. Then, attending Meetups in my hometown, browsing the documentation, and asking questions on the forum ultimately helped me get ready for the Integration Professional certification.

Obtaining this certification has helped open up the gates to a lot of new and exciting opportunities, both for the personal and professional sides of my life. Today, I am an active member of the MuleSoft community; among other things, I help others on the forum and even presented at a recent Meetup in Pune!

I’m currently working on the most impactful project of my career so far: we are migrating a multinational biopharmaceutical company to MuleSoft to help the organization improve its efficiency and ability to innovate faster. In this process, we’re intensively using Anypoint Studio, Mule 3, Mule 4, API Manager, Flow Designer, Alerts configurations, and Exchange as a repository. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and my MuleSoft career!”

Community Meetups

14 events were held in February across four continents. Congratulations and thank you to all the local Meetup leaders who made these events happen by rallying users together to learn from each other:

  • Ahmedabad, India: Tejas Purohit and Rajeshkumar Maheshvari, Co-Founders of Basilroots Technologies
  • Chennai, India: RaghunathaReddy Kanchireddy, Senior Software Engineer at ISGN, Ramakrishna Chintalapati, Technical Architect at ISGN, Maheswarareddy Kristipati, System Analyst at CNSI.
  • Bangalore, India: Rajesh Kumar, Senior Technology Architect at Infosys, Gaurav Sethi, Application Developer Analyst at Accenture.
  • Pune, India: Santosh Ojha, Architect at Infosys.
  • Hong Kong: Kiet Yap, Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft
  • London, UK: Rajesh Rajmangal and Thomas Peach, Co-Founders at Pace Integration
  • Sydney, Australia: Dan Owen, Director of Customer Success Architecture at MuleSoft
  • Twin Cities, MN: Michael Loos, Solutions Consultant at MuleSoft
  • Los Angeles, CA: Bipesh Pokharel, Client Services Architect at Apisero
  • Hyderabad, India: Ravi Shankar Mishra, Senior Consultant at Capgemini, Santosh Ojha, Architect at Infosys.
  • San Diego, CA: Kranti Ponnam, Technology Evangelist at Apisero
  • Canberra, Australia: Tony Gleeson, Enterprise Account Executive at MuleSoft
  • Brisbane, Australia: Savio Mascarenhas, Principal Solution Architect at Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Jacksonville, FL: Karthik Dega, professional Services at Avio Consulting, Khendys Gordon, Director of Integrations at Landstar.

If you’re not a member of your local group, make sure to join to receive notifications for upcoming events!

  • San Diego, CA

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments. If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.