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We are back this month with yet another Community roundup for September – highlighting great contributors to the MuleSoft developer community. Check out what the community was up to this month! And if you know a great contributor that should be featured in the next issue of this blog series, make sure to tweet us @MuleDev.

The helpers of the month

Community members have  been very active on the MuleSoft forum in September. Several contributors distinguished themselves by providing useful answers to their peers:

latest report
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Rohit Reddy, MuleSoft developer at Creditsafe, has provided many answers to developers needing a hand. See his activity.

The two helpers of the month for August also kept up the great work this month, which is why we are featuring them again!

Soumyajit Das, Senior Associate Advisory at PwC, has done an amazing job helping other developers this month with countless answers.

Enrico Rafols Dela Cruz, Application Development Senior Analyst at Accenture, also provided many useful answers  to the community. A great way to meet Enrico is to join our Manila Meetup group, where he recently explained what global functions are in DataWeave. Thank you for supporting your local community Enrico!

Let’s also take a minute to thank our forum moderators, who help direct questions to the right places and keep the forum as helpful as possible for the community:

  • Ryan Anthony Andal, Senior Integration Solutions Consultant at WhiteSky Labs, who also manages our Manila Meetup group with his peer Christopher Co
  • Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Application Specialist at Veritas Technologies
  • Swapnil Sahu, MuleSoft Consultant at Delivery Centric

The blogs of the month

Seth Hildebrand, Senior Consultant at CleanSlate TG, presents a quick example of how to use the Amazon DynamoDB Connector with Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio. While there is a lot of documentation available for both this connector and Amazon’s DynamoDB API, there is no information on  how to structure the JSON required within the configuration settings for the connector; so be sure to check out this blog to learn more!

When he is not writing blogs, Seth attends our Meetups in Indianapolis, so if you’re in the area and aren’t a member yet, now is a great time to join this group!

In the UK, two developers from Ricston, James Scicluna, Integration Consultant and Developer (his nickname being the Dataweave Master), and Samuel Speed, Integration Consultant & Developer (the API Wizard), published great blogs.

In his blog, James describes three use cases where readUrl can be used in DataWeave to create elegant solutions for common business problems.

Samuel writes on how Maven can be used with Anypoint Exchange to consume your published assets.

Last but not least, Patryk Bandurski, Senior Consultant at PwC Polska, striked again with a two-blog series about sharing flows in external libraries. Indeed, for Patryk, it is crucial to be able to share some logic between projects, encapsulated within (private) flows or subflows. Mule offers a couple of ways to handle that scenario, and in this first article Patryk focuses on a custom Maven project. In his second article, he focuses on sharing global configuration, (i.e. common configuration that should be shared among your applications).

On a side note, Patryk recently started the Warsaw MuleSoft Meetup group, so you can now learn from him in person!

The videos of the month

Joshua Erney and Jose Montoya, Software Engineers at MS3, have started a Youtube channel dedicated to “making Mule easy.”

They added three videos to it this month:

  • A two-part series about the Mule 4 Java module, check out Part 1 and Part 2
  • And a video on error handling in Mule 4, and how it compares to Mule 3

The pro of the month

This month, we’re excited to feature Sumit Bansal, Integration Specialist at NTT Data Services in India. Sumit recently passed the Integration Professional certification, check out what he has to say about his experience with the exam and the MuleSoft community.

“I started working with MuleSoft’s platform in early 2016. As we were seeing a growing traction for MuleSoft’s stack, we initiated a partnership with MuleSoft and they helped us train our teams on their technology through various channels. After completing the Fundamentals Training course and passing my initial certifications, we started getting many projects that required MuleSoft expertise. This gave me a number of opportunities to apply my knowledge.

I also got  involved with the MuleSoft Developer community (MuleSoft even published one of my blogs and recognized me as a member of the month for my contributions!). After attending the Advanced Training programs and completing the Solution Design Specialist Certification, I passed the Integration Professional Certification – a milestone for me! This certification gave me a deep understanding of Mule’s core features and its underlying architecture. Professionally speaking, it helped me get recognized as a MuleSoft expert. After pinning this certification onto my LinkedIn profile, I noticed that more recruiters were reaching out to me for MuleSoft-related opportunities, including some large names.

I am proud to be part of the vibrant and energetic MuleSoft Developer community, and thanks to the MuleSoft team for their programs that offer amazing learning and collaboration opportunities. MuleSoft’s forum is one of the active platforms where I seek help and ideas for new challenges, besides helping other fellow members. I also follow MuleSoft’s Developer Blog series to read about what other developers have achieved, and get new thoughts and ideas.”

First Meetups!

In September, two groups led their first Meetup!

Ralph Rimorin, Architect Consultant at State Auto, and Lori Angalich, VP of Marketing at Lightwell in Columbus, Ohio, presented an overview of the Anypoint Platform and gathered ideas for their next Meetups. Check out highlights of their first event!

The codecentric team in Solingen, Germany, including  Roger Butenuth, MuleSoft Architect and trainer, Daniel Kocot, Solution Architect, and Corinna Kern, Senior Community Manager,presented on how to deploy Mule apps with Docker and a Maven build pipeline. Check out pictures from the event!

Check out the slideshow below to see these events in action!

  • Solingen, Germany

Also, visit our website to see if there’s a MuleSoft Meetup group in your city, or apply to lead one! You can also see a list of upcoming MuleSoft Meetups across the world.

That is it for this month! We’d love to get your feedback on this blog series in the comments.

If you know a great contributor, whether they are writing blog posts, speaking at a Meetup, or simply answering questions on the forums, tweet us @MuleDev.