Missing at SXSW 2015: Conversations Between Engineers and Designers


, meet Engineering. Engineering, meet UX. You two should talk.

MuleSoft’s very own Mason Foster, Director of User Experience, checked out this year’s SXSW Interactive festival and made an interesting observation. In a recent post on re/code, he points out that, “there were myriad opportunities for engineers to learn the ins and outs of the hot technologies, and countless rooms packed with (UX) professionals discussing the latest trends in . But you didn’t see these folks talking to each other, and there weren’t many structured opportunities to do so.”

He goes on to point out, “At the heart of every great technical innovation is a deeply entrenched partnership between design and development, yet we don’t spend much time figuring out how to nurture that relationship and maximize innovation.”

When UX folks and engineers come together, it opens the door for the opportunity to take products to the next level.

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