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In a year that has seen unprecedented business disruption, every organization needs to respond to the needs of its customers faster than ever before. As a result, digital-first is increasingly becoming the norm. Yet, according to our latest global research, just over a third of organizations have the skills and technology they need to keep pace with digital projects. The challenge facing organizations as we move into 2021 is being able to deliver digital projects more efficiently, while still meeting customers’ growing expectations for truly connected experiences.

The devil is in the disconnected data. The inability to connect data across disparate systems and applications negatively impacts customer experience. At the same time, integration challenges slow down IT’s ability to deliver on the needs of line of business (LoB) to create connected customer experiences. It’s hardly surprising that more than half of LoB employees are currently frustrated by the speed at which their IT team can deliver projects.

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Meeting this growing demand for digital initiatives will only be possible if all organizations democratize access to their data. They must empower all employees with the ability to unlock and integrate data – no matter where it resides – enabling them to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects, and innovation at scale. 

Bringing the power of integration to everyone

So how can organizations scale innovation beyond the four walls of IT? Partnership between LoB users and IT is key to driving innovation and creating amazing customer experiences. With a self-service model that empowers everyone to harness data, organizations can enable innovation everywhere in a way that’s secured and governed but not gated by IT. This frees IT from the burden of tactical integrations and maintenance, allowing them to focus on innovating and delivering high impact projects.  

According to our research, more than half of LoB users are involved in creating new ways to improve digital service delivery, such as building an online self-service portal or customer-facing mobile applications. This is good news. With the right tools and mindset – focused on discoverability, collaboration, and reuse – these LoB users have an opportunity to improve business outcomes and drive innovation-fueled growth for their organizations.

Deliver connected customer experiences, faster

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform makes it possible to empower everyone in the company — from IT to LoB, from small business to enterprise, from integration to API management — to unlock data and go digital, faster. And we most recently announced MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, the fastest and easiest way to connect apps and data to Salesforce with clicks, not code. By leveraging the no-code integration solution, Salesforce administrators and business users are empowered to unlock data and create connected customer experiences, faster.

We’re excited to continue to deliver new innovations to empower everyone to unlock data and create connected experiences. With the power of Anypoint Platform, we’re driving toward the vision of enabling the composable enterprise – where digital capabilities can be composed from existing applications using APIs, rather than being built from scratch every time. We’re helping to unlock innovation everywhere by creating wall-to-wall composability across the organization. With a composable enterprise model, an organization can reduce costs by deriving value from existing assets and deliver innovation faster.

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