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It’s not just healthcare organizations looking to improve care coordination – it’s consumers as well. That’s right, people who seek medical care no longer see themselves as just a patient at a hospital or a member of a health insurance plan. They know the power of choice that they hold as a consumer within their healthcare journey and they’re demanding that healthcare payers and providers take note, or they’ll take their business elsewhere. 

A consumer-based healthcare model

Across healthcare we often hear about a value-based care model where the goal is to improve care outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions for patients. Coupled right along with value-based care, sits the consumer-based healthcare model which puts the power of the patient and member at its heart.

Of course healthcare consumers want the better outcomes that value-based care delivers, but in order to get there, they know they need to work with healthcare organizations that make their care journey easier. Whether it’s faster referrals to specialists, ensuring insurance claims are paid correctly the first time, or receiving an improved digital experience for contact with their clinicians or insurance plans, Interoperability makes all that happen – and at the heart of interoperability is MuleSoft.

MuleSoft, Salesforce, and healthcare

Better together isn’t just something we say when it comes to our industry leading health technology offerings, it’s proven. MuleSoft is the number one healthcare integration solution on the market with Salesforce’s Health Cloud leading the way for healthcare CRM. Working together, these two industry leading solutions pave the path for healthcare organizations to integrate across their clinical and non-clinical systems and offer a superior choice for healthcare consumers.

Whether it’s an organization’s electronic health records (EHR), revenue cycle system, laboratory data-base, or marketing offerings such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, all of this data, that previously sat in locked silos can be brought together to create an interoperable, single-source of truth for patients and members. Consumers who have transparent access to their medical data have better outcomes and experiences. It’s why leading healthcare organizations, including UCSF Health, look to Salesforce and MuleSoft for patient-centered care.

The Future of healthcare with Einstein Copilot and MuleSoft Direct

Now, healthcare payers and providers have the next tool in their belt for innovative, effective technology that creates healthier connections. With Salesforce’s introduction of Einstein Copilot, healthcare leaders have a trusted AI source that is designed specifically to create more personalized and efficient health actions and create those healthcare connections.

Designed with the patient and member in mind, Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform powers Einstein Copilot with a healthcare organization’s unique data and metadata. Then, using both With Data Cloud for Health and MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud, healthcare organizations can bring data from different sources – including electronic health records (EHRs), claim systems, and health applications – into a common healthcare data model to build unified patient profiles and personalize interactions to create those healthier connections. 

Using MuleSoft, Salesforce, and AI to create a healthier future

With the choice to go with a healthcare payer and/or provider that embraces the future of technology, or sticks to the weight of old technical debt, and multitudes of disconnected systems, consumers have made their choice clear. They want to work with organizations that make accessing their EHR’s easier, have their insurance billed correctly the first time, and they want to pay their balances, plus access their records, all in one place so they can own their healthcare journey.

Now with the power of integration, automation, plus AI and trust, MuleSoft and Salesforce are paving the way for healthier connections and healthcare organizations to be the leaders that consumers naturally want.

We know what these leaders and our customers, including leading healthcare payers and providers want, because we talk to the best of the best. Learn more about what the most successful and innovative leaders in technology are saying in MuleSoft’s 2024 Connectivity Benchmark report. Discover how AI is changing the landscape of healthcare and beyond and what success looks like for integration and AI. Read more so your organization can be on the forefront of innovation now.