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Organizations around the globe and across every industry have faced unprecedented disruption over the last few months — having to quickly stabilize their business and meet the new needs of their customers and communities, in addition to adjusting how they operate.

Earlier this year, our Connectivity Benchmark report found that 92% of organizations are currently undertaking digital transformation initiatives or plan to in the next year. While some organizations paused their digital transformation projects, others have seen this as a catalyst to accelerate their technology transformation.

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See how RBC Wealth Management, Deluxe Corporation, and the Indiana Department of Child Services have used MuleSoft to digitally transform — enabling them to offer critical new products and services, as well as ensure the safety of their employees, customers, and communities.

1. RBC Wealth Management

RBC Wealth Management is one of the largest wealth management firms in the U.S. that provides financial services solutions and advising for its clients. RBC Wealth Management prides itself on creating an incredible digital experience for its advisors and clients — including its onboarding application process. With COVID-19, a digital onboarding process was a necessity as new clients did not want to come into a physical branch or be required to touch a mail-in application. With Anypoint Platform, RBC Wealth Management transformed its end-to-end application experience by securely exposing application data to its advisors, staff, and clients.  

“We were able to come together between the two organizations, and with that rollout an incredibly great digital experience for our advisors and our clients, and able to do it in an accelerated timeframe.”

– Greg Beltzer, VP, Technology, RBC Wealth Management

2. Deluxe Corporation

Deluxe is a 105-year-old company that invented the pocket checkbook, survived Spanish Flu, two World Wars, the Great Depression, and eight recessions. Deluxe has incredible customer reach supporting more than 4.5M small businesses and over 4500 financial institutions, and has launched a COVID-19 Response Center to help engage and support its employees and customers both large and small.

Roughly two-thirds of Deluxe’s workforce normally operate in physical sites, and because Deluxe houses and interacts with a lot of proprietary information, moving employees to home work environments comes with challenges. But with MuleSoft and Salesforce, Deluxe quickly enabled hundreds of Deluxe Customer service agents with a unified view of the customer to support their commerce, order management, and COVID response interactions in a WFH model.

“The cloud-based technologies we put in place before COVID-19 have really been an enabler. In places where we didn’t think we could work from home or be successful, we are finding ways to be as productive or more productive and connecting even more than we probably would have been in the office.”

– Mike Mathews, CIO, Deluxe Corporation

3. Indiana Department of Child Services

The Indiana Department of Child Services leverages MuleSoft and Salesforce for state-wide connectivity across all of its systems. The department is now leveraging reusable integration assets to ensure safety for its employees — managing building operations for the 92 state office buildings with APIs. Using integrations between systems like Salesforce, Cardinality, and the state’s PeopleSoft architecture, the state can assess the safety risk of opening up buildings and tracking employee access to comply with social distancing policies. It also leverages these APIs to ensure that adequate PPE and hand sanitizer is distributed across its offices. The CIO of Indiana Department of Child Services says that it will be able to repurpose these solutions to provide care, health services, and much more down the road. 

“Within eight hours, my team built a tracking software for all 92 counties to determine who’s in the building, when they check-in and check out to meet social distancing limits, as well as how much hand sanitizer or how many masks we need.”

– Kevin Jones, CIO, Indiana Department of Child Services 

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