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Patients have come to expect the option of easy and accessible digital care. This has set a new standard for life sciences organizations as they strive for a connected patient experience. However, achieving this standard requires a patient-centric digital strategy with technology that supports ever-changing expectations. 

In our recent whitepaper on Enhancing the Patient Experience, we outline how life sciences organizations can increase patient satisfaction by transforming digital engagement. Let’s break down some key recommendations from this step-by-step guide. 

Understand the patient experience 

To enhance the experience, it’s critical for organizations to define the stages of an end-to-end patient journey. Patient adherence, retention, and satisfaction doesn’t happen on its own. It develops as patients continually take the next step, prompted by guidance and personalized care.

A successful end-to-end patient journey can be broken down into three phases with essential touchpoints that progress the patient seamlessly through: 

  1. Pre-diagnosis
  2. Diagnosis and treatment
  3. Ongoing treatment and continuous engagement

In theory, the patient progresses seamlessly through each step of the journey, interacting and engaging where prompted. But a seamless patient journey requires a comprehensive digital strategy and a secure, future-proof infrastructure that can shift with changing industry and patient demands. 

Enable patient engagement 

A critical step in enabling engagement is first determining the obstacles that are limiting patient participation. Detrimental roadblocks – like IT overcapacity, legacy systems, and lack of real-time data – can result in frustrated patients that start to look for care elsewhere. Simply put, the root of dissatisfied patients often begins with the limitations of their trusted organization’s technology. 

While the roadblocks hindering patient engagement can seem overwhelming, your organization can combat these challenges by implementing an effective digital transformation strategy to connect the missing pieces and unlock a connected patient experience.

Transform the patient journey    

An effective strategy to enhance the patient experience should remove complexity, streamline operations, and produce business outcomes. Here are four insights that redefine the experience and transcend traditional care approaches.

Increase patient engagement and participation through support and education 

Encouraging the patient to engage begins with empowering the patient with early education and resources. Today’s patients expect easy, instant access to data and information pertinent to their health with one click on their mobile devices. As digital healthcare options increase, so does patient responsibility and control. Life sciences organizations can capitalize on this and redefine the patient’s role to actively participate in their health journey, even before diagnosis.

Modernize legacy infrastructure with an API-led approach to integration 

An API-led strategy can turn an organization’s data, systems, and applications into reusable, composable building blocks that unlock and integrate data wherever it resides: on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid infrastructure. With this approach, the patient data surfaced from legacy systems is easily accessible, and workflows are both automated and protected with security and regulatory compliance built in at every step.

Redefine the relationship with interoperability and data-driven insights.

Without integration, the critical patient data remains fragmented and teams are unable to achieve a dynamic view of operations, performance, security risks, compliance, and patient interactions – making a connected patient experience and journey out of reach for life sciences organizations. 

With an API-led integration approach, you can unlock a 360-degree patient view and deliver omnichannel, patient-driven, communications across the entire patient journey.

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Accelerate the process with reuse 

API reusability empowers life sciences organizations to build it once and enable a digitized, unique journey for each patient with pre-built and reusable assets.

Realize patient satisfaction  

Our new whitepaper demonstrates these recommendations as we follow a patient on her personal patient journey. With the proper technology, we see her life sciences organization engage with her in various stages and guide her to better overall health outcomes. 

Learn more about the importance of a connected patient experience and how you can put it in action in the full whitepaper.