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We have been seeing incredible early success with our iON integration platform as a service (iPaaS). We have talked with over a hundred SaaS providers over the past couple of months, and overwhelmingly, we are hearing that integration is a major challenge for them as they go to market. Time and time again, these SaaS providers have been telling us that their customers increasingly need to integrate their SaaS offering with other SaaS and on-premise systems. Point-to-point custom integration and other existing tools are no longer cutting it. In fact, integration is becoming the #1 barrier to closing new sales, even above things like security, price, and features of the solution. Once the deal closes, integration is by far the most time-consuming and complex element of implementing and on-boarding new customers.

Enter iON. SaaS providers are quickly discovering that iON can be their best friend as they deal with the integration challenge. One example is PeopleMatter, one of the hottest young companies in the HR software space. PeopleMatter’s customers are in the service industry (think restaurant chains, convenience stores, and hospitality). With the high employee turnover typical in those industries, PeopleMatter’s solution is extremely valuable for automating and optimizing the hiring, training, scheduling, and managing of employees. PeopleMatter’s cloud-based SaaS model is also perfect for this industry, which typically has limited in-house IT expertise or staff.

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PeopleMatter is using iON to help them solve the integration challenge, connecting the PeopleMatter system to their customers’ other HR, payroll, and point-of-sale systems (both on premise and in the cloud). With iON, PeopleMatter is winning new customers and on-boarding them faster, taking customer implementation down from weeks to just a couple of days.

In fact, the partnership between MuleSoft and PeopleMatter has been so successful, we were recently recognized by THINKstrategies in their Cloud Computing Business Value awards. We are excited and honored to be named for this award, and we are even more proud of the value that iON has been able to bring to PeopleMatter.

To read more about how PeopleMatter is using iON, read the online case study.