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CyanGate just released the first-ever MuleSoft Certified Connector for Amazon S3 Glacier. Here are five digital asset management integration use cases.

One of the most exciting aspects of working for CyanGate – a MuleSoft Technology Partner specialized in marketing technologies (MarTech) – is to learn and solve digital asset management (DAM) issues for the largest enterprises in the world. With the help of DAM solutions, enterprises can organize digital assets by assigning metadata that contains a unique description to each asset, making it manageable, searchable, and filterable.

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The demand for DAM solutions is increasing due to companies making their digital transformation from “asset ideaization and creation” to “distribution and archiving.”

Requirements for managing digital assets are becoming more sophisticated, ensuring the right version of digital assets is used in the right place at the right time and comply with usage and copyrights. From digital asset creation to delivery to archival, enterprises want DAM solutions to be the single source of truth to manage the digital asset lifecycle and integrate with business systems.

The role of Archiving in digital asset lifecycle

digital asset lifecycle

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform comes to the rescue by enabling an API-led pattern to integrate applications for digital asset lifecycle which has the following steps.

One of the critical pieces of digital asset lifecycle is Archive based on enterprise retention policies. As CyanGate, we released the first-ever MuleSoft Certified Connector for Amazon S3 Glacier. Let’s take a look at some of the industry-specific use cases that can benefit from archiving using MuleSoft:

  • Media and entertainment
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Insurance

Archiving for media and entertainment

Digital transformation requires bridging on-premises, cloud, and mobile technologies in the following areas:

  • Content acquisition and distribution
  • Digital asset management solutions
  • Production and post production
  • OTT, broadcast, and distribution

All media/content generated can be archived for future reuse securely in Amazon S3 Glacier. Here is a sample diagram on how movie/news footage production can be archived.

archiving for media and entertainment

Archiving for healthcare and life sciences

Healthcare providers require taking backup and archival of clinical and non-clinical systems to comply with HIPAA requirements around data and file retention. Here is a sample application for patient images and patient data can be archived.

archiving for healthcare

For research labs, large amounts of product and drug development related data can be stored efficiently and without degrading data integrity.

archiving for life sciences

Archiving for financial services

Open Banking regulations are transforming the financial services landscape. MuleSoft helps organizations with their pursuit of:

While financial organizations build an API-based application network to manage customer relations, storing every transaction and retaining data based on FINRA regulations is a requirement of which Amazon S3 Glacier can help comply with. Here is how data gathered from digital applications, another bank, and merchants can be archived.

API-based app network S3 glacier

Archiving for government

Digital preservation is the main challenge when it comes to data management initiatives.

Traditional systems require data verification and manual repair. By building an API-based architecture while leveraging Amazon S3 Glacier, government agencies will be capable of performing regular, systematic data integrity checks and take advantage of self-healing nature of Amazon S3 Glacier.

archiving for government

Archiving for insurance

The progress in the insurance industry is hindered by dated systems, lack of offering services that will improve customer interaction speeds, and inability to reach a customer base quickly with offers and promotions.

MuleSoft helps insurance companies modernize aging systems, improve predictive analytics, and help build new distribution channels.

Amazon S3 Glacier can help with taking frequent data backups and archiving data to help maintain a high level of compliance.

archiving for insurance

Let’s talk about your digital asset lifecycle!

Do you have any plans to improve your digital asset lifecycle? You can contact us about how to improve your digital asset lifecycle plan leveraging MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange. For more on developing a flexible media asset management infrastructure, download MuleSoft’s Adapting to the new media landscape whitepaper today.