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MuleSoft is revolutionizing the way the world connects data and applications. Recently, Anton Kravchenko, one of our Product Managers, won the Salesforce's Demo Jam by demoing, our data loading tool for Salesforce. “It's a truly amazing feeling to show how simple big problems could be,” he says.

Salesforce is one of the most commonly used enterprise software solutions in the world, and millions of businesses depend on it. As many other SaaS vendors out there, Salesforce has an extremely common problem: integration and data migration. Although some prefer custom solutions, MuleSoft provides a wide spectrum of tools that accelerate the pace at which integration is done. Solutions like and Anypoint Data Gateway are to be considered as out of the box tools, but with Anypoint Platform, architects and developers can quickly design, build, and manage the entire lifecycle of APIs, applications, and products.

How does make integration easy?

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You can watch our YouTube demo here or below: is specifically designed to solve one very common, yet complex problem – move data in and out of Salesforce. It has intelligent data mapping so you can spend less time mapping data from the source file to the Salesforce fields. With features like keyboard shortcuts and search filters, makes data migration work seamlessly.

In addition to importing and exporting data directly from services like (S)FTP, Box, and Dropbox, users can schedule tasks to automatically import and export data. Tasks can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Common use cases are:

If these are Salesforce challenges you face, it might be worth giving a try.

What other out of the box integration tools MuleSoft offers?

Anton notes, “Integration is something everyone in the community comes across. Although, we want tools like that make integration easy, many times we need custom solutions that are tailored to specific customer needs. That is why we designed over a hundred pattern-based integration templates that leverage best practices from integration experts”. Anypoint Templates are designed to address the most common integration challenges and can be easily configured and extended to meet most complex needs.

MuleSoft's Anypoint Templates for Salesforce Integration streamline and simplify the process of:

  • merging data after acquiring other entities
  • moving off of a legacy CRM system
  • updating Salesforce with ERP data in real time
  • ensuring consistency of data across Salesforce instances and other enterprise applications
  • creating APIs, that pull data from multiple systems

You might be a Salesforce user, or you might have other integration challenges. Either way, take a look at Anypoint Platform that powers and solves much more integration challenges.