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The line between technology and non-technology companies is being blurred as businesses are looking more and more to create winning customer experiences through digital capabilities like AI, machine learning, and automation. The faster leaders recognize that every company, including theirs, is becoming a tech company, the faster they can begin their business transformation. 

Our customers across industries — from retail to insurance — are cultivating opportunities and addressing risks in this fast-paced digital environment. Their journeys to digitalization are inspiring. They are unlocking data, forging profitable partnerships, and opening new pathways for innovation and growth. 

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Here are three examples of our customer using APIs to build future-proof businesses:

#1 HSBC turned to APIs to unlock data and build the bank of the future

APIs, once primarily limited to technical domains, now represent an opportunity for business innovation. Ecosystems powered by APIs have grown exponentially, and with this growth, new providers have emerged with specialties, unique value adds, and new revenue streams. 

HSBC partnered with MuleSoft and used APIs to securely surface data from legacy systems and core banking services, such as credit cards and payments. HSBC used these APIs to launch innovative products and services. Dinesh Keswani, Group CTO and CIO of Retail Digital Banking at HSBC said, “HSBC is driving incredible innovation in the era of open banking through API-led connectivity.”

#2 Decathlon up-levels the customer experience with cashless payments, in-store robots, and more

Today’s consumers have more control than ever before; as more choices become available, loyalty becomes more fragile. Because customers can appear anywhere, at any time, and on any device, success requires businesses to be able to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences by being ready with real-time, relevant, and highly personalized engagements wherever or whenever a customer appears.

Decathlon, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, is using an API-led integration strategy to merge its physical stores and digital capabilities — driving new omnichannel experiences for its customers. Tony Leon, CIO and CTO at Decathlon USA said, “At Decathlon, innovation is in our DNA, and MuleSoft has been a critical driver for us to invent new customer experiences at speed.”

#3 Tic:Toc delivers instant, real-time home loan decisions with APIs

Through automation, businesses remove user error from operational processes, improving reliability and efficiency. Our customers turn to Anypoint Platform as the vehicle to effectively manage and deliver this integration for future-proof architecture that drives automation, connects internal and external systems, and secures data sharing across systems. 

Tic:Toc, an Australian fintech company, is focusing on removing inefficiencies in the home loan approval and fulfillment process — enabling customers to abandon paper-based processes and easily submit loan applications online to receive instant decisions. Anthony Baum, CEO at Tic:Toc said, “By taking an API-led approach to connecting the systems required to evaluate loan applicants, we’ve eliminated the manual submission process and radically changed the game in the financial services space.”

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These are just a few examples of the ways our customers are transforming their organizations. Check out our eBook, five industry leaders who redefined speed and agility, to learn more about how our customers, like HSBC, Decathlon, Tic:Toc, and others, are using APIs to build future-proof businesses.