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The MuleSoft Champions Program is our developer advocacy program designed to provide support, networking opportunities, and recognition for MuleSoft developers all around the world. Joining the Champions Program can also have a positive effect on your career. But what it can also do is give you an opportunity to get free MuleSoft training!

Members of the Champions Program complete challenges to get points, and those points can be exchanged for MuleSoft training courses. In other words, completing the challenges allows you to get MuleSoft training for free. The challenges encourage Champions to learn new skills or share their knowledge with the MuleSoft developer community.

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The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn. You can spend your points right away or bank them to get bigger and better rewards. The free MuleSoft training courses are some of the most popular rewards that MuleSoft Champions get.

In order to get these free training courses, Champions need to earn a certain number of points; the number of points you need for each course changes depending on the course’s complexity. You can take a look at the Reward Store on the MuleSoft Champions website to see how many points you need for each course.

An example of free MuleSoft training courses that Champions can get is Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals. This course is for developers and architects who want to get hands-on experience using Anypoint Platform to build both APIs and integrations. There are two parts to this course.

In the first part, you will learn how to use Anypoint Platform to take an API through its complete lifecycle: design, build, deployment, management, and governance. In the second part, which is longer, you focus on using Mule and Anypoint Studio to create new APIs or seamless integrations. This course is led by a live instructor who will be available to answer any questions and provide support.

Not only can you get free MuleSoft training courses through the Champions Program, you can become a MuleSoft-certified developer, also for free. Champions can earn points to exchange for a certification exam voucher. MuleSoft developer certification has numerous career advantages, and is a great way to demonstrate in-demand MuleSoft development skills.

You also get a “MuleSoft Certified T-shirt” to show off your new abilities. The rewards don’t end with certification; once Champions become certified, they earn more points that can be exchanged for more MuleSoft training or other rewards.

MuleSoft Champions can use their free MuleSoft training to achieve the highest level of certification — the MCD – Integration Professional exam. One of the perks of this level of certification is that you get a free pass to CONNECT, MuleSoft’s annual conference.

The MuleSoft Champions program is a great opportunity to grow your career by getting free MuleSoft training; it’s also a fantastic way to share your knowledge of MuleSoft and learn Mule from others.

Join today and become part of a dynamic developer community.