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We are excited to announce the GA release of Anypoint DataGraph. Anypoint DataGraph allows customers to innovate faster by consuming data from many APIs in a single request. This allows developers to reuse those APIs at once — without writing multiple API requests and custom code to parse through long responses.

Why do you need a DataGraph?

Today, REST APIs — the most commonly used API standard — expose data and capabilities across systems. More importantly, REST APIs are easily cataloged and shared across developers to promote reuse, instead of starting from scratch. 

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However, the data developers need for their projects exists across many systems. The average enterprise has more than 900 systems, which translates to a large number of APIs for IT to manage and for developers to consume. 

As companies build up their network of APIs, it becomes increasingly complex to consume the data needed for each project. Each project needs data in slightly different ways and likely from several APIs at a time. This is hard because the developer has to:

  • Write multiple API requests: REST APIs are consumed in request-response mode — making it so you can only ask one API a question at a time. This translates to a request for every API. 
  • Build custom logic to isolate required fields: REST API responses are complex and return every possible field. The developer will typically write some custom code just to parse the data for their project. 

The goal is to reuse multiple APIs at once and get data across multiple APIs at a time, with just one request, and no custom work. 

Innovate faster with your APIs using Anypoint DataGraph

With Anypoint DataGraph, you can serve data across multiple APIs instantly. This means less time spent on getting the data across multiple APIs and more time on actual innovation.

To achieve this, you automatically compose a data service by unifying data across APIs into one GraphQL endpoint, without more code. Developers can then act on this data service without understanding the underlying relationships or complexities among different APIs. They can get the data they need for their project from many APIs with a single request.

In this way, Anypoint DataGraph helps you:

  • Unify APIs into powerful data services
    • Explore and unify APIs into data services, without more code
    • Serve data from multiple APIs instantly by securely sharing data services
  • Consume many APIs a single request
    • Query the data service with a single, visually built GraphQL schema
    • Focus on application logic, without understanding the complexities of the data service
  • Reach new levels of productivity 
    • Developers don’t write custom code to parse data from multiple APIs
    • Data services are deployed as a SaaS app — no maintenance or patching for IT

Next steps – try it out!

Anypoint DataGraph is available for trial on new free trial accounts. Sign up for a free trial, and use our quick-start guide to try it out! Please note that DataGraph will not be available in existing free trial accounts. You must create a new trial account. 

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