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We’re excited to announce a new capability released within Anypoint Platform: teams. Teams provide user grouping mechanisms in Anypoint Platform that enable collaboration and reuse. This release is especially exciting given the amount of customer feedback we received that helped shape this feature. In conversations with our design partners, we often heard needs for:

  • Managing users and permissions across multiple business groups
  • Defining roles and then assigning them to multiple users in one click
  • Setting global permissions (e.g. everyone in my organization is an Exchange viewer)
  • Sharing Exchange assets with a specific group of users

Our release will allow MuleSoft users to accomplish all of the above and more. 

See teams in action

Learn more by watching this quick four-minute video:

Business groups vs teams

By combining teams and business groups, Anypoint Platform users have more flexible access control management. Teams are orthogonal to business groups — this means that teams of users can be created and segmented regardless of how your business groups are structured. 

  • Business groups: Delegate management and cost allocation within the organization e.g. number of vcores per LoB, environments, etc.
  • Teams: Groups of organization users that reflect a company structure. For more information around teams refer to this documentation.
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Feature opt-in

We designed these new features so they would be backwards compatible with the previous experience — meaning that you can opt-in to use teams whenever you are ready and can easily switch back to the old UI if needed. 

Other UX improvements:

We also redesigned the access management UI, simplifying navigation and permission management. For the first time, administrators can see who has access to what in a single view and can manage permissions across all business groups. 

We hope you enjoy the new release — login to your Anypoint Platform organization and explore teams and other improvements today. If you have any feedback, reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.