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The Crowd release, the next major release of Anypoint Platform, harnesses powerful collaboration capabilities and allows users to build, save, discover, and reuse APIs and other integration assets within the platform. These capabilities enable organizations to build application networks faster by making the design, discovery, and reuse of IT assets simple and intuitive.

To introduce you to the Crowd release and the above capabilities, we have 2 upcoming webinars. The first is an introduction to Anypoint Exchange and API designer. The first phase of the Crowd release includes significant advancements in Anypoint Exchange and Anypoint Design Center – API designer, and the launch of flow designer in the Anypoint Design Center.

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The introduction to Anypoint Exchange and API Designer will air on Wednesday, July 19, at 9 AM PST. This demo-driven webinar will show you what the new components are, how they will help you close the IT delivery gap, and how to start using them.

You’ll learn about new capabilities within API designer, such as the ability to save API fragments (e.g. libraries, security schemes and data models) from within API designer into Anypoint Exchange for discovery and reuse. API fragments can then be used for building any API spec, ensuring consistent, secure API design across the enterprise.

Also, you’ll gain insight into the Crowd highlights of Anypoint Exchange, which facilitates the native collaboration, consumption, and reuse experience, and feature:

  • Promotion of reusable assets: Exchange is now integrated with all components of Anypoint Design Center, including the flow designer and the API designer. Reusable assets are suggested and promoted as you design your APIs and integration flows.
  • Ratings and reviews: Any user can comment or reply to a comment on any asset within the Exchange to ask questions, offer suggestions, provide feedback and more.  
  • Quick view of dependencies: Every reusable asset has a portal. Within an asset portal, users can view the full list of other assets that have dependencies on it, providing visibility and insight into potential impact from changes to the asset.
  • New UI: Users benefit from improved search capabilities, enhanced manual asset publication flow and support for the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) asset portal.

Want to learn more about Anypoint Exchange and Anypoint designer? Then join me and Amit Saxena, Senior Director of Product Management at MuleSoft to watch the webinar and demo live and participate in the Q&A:

Date:  Wednesday, July 19

Time: 9:00am PST

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Also, don’t forget to pre-register for the second webinar, Introduction to Anypoint Design Center – Flow Designer!