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We’re pleased to announce the availability of Mule 3.9 and Anypoint Studio 6.4. This release contains many customers requested enhancements and bug fixes.

You’ll notice that we added many features, enabling you to:

  • Send messages confidentially with PGP encryption
  • Control certificate revocation with new CRL support for TLS configurations
  • Communicate with FTP and SFTP servers via proxy
  • Configure Mule to work with external Hazelcast servers for Anypoint Fabric
  • Write database queries using the ‘WITH’ operator
  • Process messages with non-blocking processing strategy and one-way flows
  • Speed startup times with parallel deployment support
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In addition, we also released Studio 6.4, which adds support for Mule 3.9 and provides fixes for the debugger when using scatter-gather, breakpoints, parallel, requests and handling exceptions.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the new Mule 4 release candidate. It brings many exciting new features and capabilities to the Mule runtime, such as the new DataWeave expression language, transparent handling of data streams, improved usability, and more.

Get Started

Get started today by downloading the latest version of Studio. To learn more information, read the release notes for Anypoint Studio and the 3.9.0 Mule runtime.

We look forward to your feedback in this post’s comments and in our forum. Happy connecting!