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The MuleSoft Developer community is a place where you, integration professionals, can connect online and offline, expand your knowledge, and build your career. The MuleSoft Developer community is also a place where you can exchange best practices, share knowledge with others, and network with the best Mule developers across the world.

Goodbye Champions Program!

As some of you know, our Champions Program is a gamified platform where developers can complete technical exercises, read content, and earn points for completing these actions. These points can be then used to redeem prizes or training.

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In our effort to bring better experiences to our community, we’ve made an important decision to close the Champions Program on June 4, 2018.  The first question that probably comes to your mind is “Why?”.

Our team has worked hard to make this program valuable for all involved parties–– this not only includes you, the developers who create and consume content, but also our Training team, which provides free training and certification vouchers, our Content team, which reviews the blogs submitted, for our Product and Engineering teams, both of which review the product feedback provided. It takes a village to run the Champions Program.

While working with the community, we’ve observed that the best members are actually motivated by their curiosity and sense of kinship towards others. We realized that we should shift our time to encourage genuine collaboration and contribution, and this does not necessarily need to happen in a point-based, gamified platform.

Beginning June 4th, our “small but mighty” team will refocus our strategy to this front. So what’s next?

Hello Ambassador Program!

Members are at the heart of the MuleSoft community. With that, we’re happy to announce the official launch of our Ambassador Program. MuleSoft Ambassadors are members that go above and beyond to help others. They create amazing content, organize Meetups and other in-person events, share best practices to help others, and more. Our Ambassador Program recognizes the amazing work of these members and offers them more opportunities to share their incredible knowledge.

Excited about the Ambassador Program? It is open for applications and nominations!  Look out for an upcoming blog post that goes more into detail regarding this new program. 

In short, we want the best for our developer community and are committed to provide everyone with the right opportunities to connect with peers and learn from them. Check out our forums, our local Meetups and our monthly Community Roundups! In addition, we encourage all of you to share your content and any good content you see within the community by tweeting it @MuleDev. This has become the main way for us to check what’s popular/good in the Developer community!

To learn more about the termination of the Champions Program and the new Ambassador Program, please refer to this FAQ on our website.