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We’re excited to announce the long-awaited release of our Anypoint Studio Themes™

Designed to provide a more pleasurable and productive integration development environment, you can customize your IDE experience with different creative, colorful themes. Choose from among several themes available for download within Anypoint Studio™, Mule’s Eclipse-based IDE.

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Our in-house UX team continues to work around the clock to improve Studio’s usability, and capitalize on existing intuitive functionality. Faced with the intense challenges of designing the interaction for a new product and a completely new platform, they decided to distract themselves with relatively simple chore of improving the IDE. It’s already a pretty amazing tool, though, so making it even better was going to be kinda hard.

“We tried to think of what we could do enhance an already-amazing experience,” reports one UX Designer. “Applying themes to your instance of Studio seemed like the quickest way of turning an out-of-the-box integration environment into a delightful, super-awesome, customized experience. My favorite is Peanut Butter & Jelly.”

Eager to contribute to the project, most of our software engineering team contributed numerous ideas for themes. Some of the themes were prioritized for development, like “Star Wars”, “Hello Kitty”, and “True Blood”, while others are slotted for development later in the year. Look forward to more productivity-enhancing themes in the coming months, such as:

  • “Hedgehogs!”
  • “The 19th Century”
  • “FPS by the Seashore”
  • “Manga Pirates”

To install a new Anypoint Studio Theme, navigate to the Help menu in Studio, then select Install New Software. Use the drop-down to select Anypoint Studio Themes, then browse the dozens of available themes. Follow the steps to download, then relaunch Studio with your awesome new theme.

We anticipate quick adoption of the themes and expect to see the productivity of our users improve exponentially. Let us know what you think: Will the colorful new themes improve your productivity? Does anime enhance the integration development experience? Do we need more penguins? Please leave your comments below!