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Our customers use MuleSoft to transform their industries and drive incredible innovation. We’re grateful to partner with them during their digital transformation journey and this year we’ve recognized them for their achievements at MuleSoft CONNECT

Our award categories represent organizations worldwide — from small businesses to large enterprises across all industries. The awards drew over 50 submissions from companies, and our judges had a hard time narrowing down to the nine stories to spotlight. Our winners were chosen by a panel of MuleSoft and non-MuleSoft judges who scored all the responses based on a thorough explanation, logical outline of steps from problem to solution, business outcomes, and originality in approach.

Rookie of the year

AMER: Sonoco Products Company

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Sonoco brought a temperature-controlled shipping service to market for its customers in the life sciences industry. Its solution combines real-time supply chain data, IOT for temperature tracking, and third-party connectivity. To bring it all to life, the Sonoco team developed 13 different new APIs — made up of nearly 100 endpoints.

ANZ: Intelematics

Intelematics launched a brand new platform that delivers real-time road and traffic insights— all within one year! Intelematics also transformed its manual approach to customer onboarding, which previously took up to an entire day to complete. Today, the company’s onboarding process is an automated one-step process that takes just five minutes. As a result, customer sign-ups have increased by 28%.

EMEA: ASML Holding

In a matter of three months, ASML Holding completed a global HR transformation program — launching a full platform. By building out reusable APIs, the company enabled faster innovation and accelerated the development of its APIs from one to two months per API, down to just one week.

Social impact award

AMER: F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Over the past year, Roche focused on transforming its patient engagements to deliver better outcomes. Leveraging an API-led approach, Roche integrated the flow of data across business units — becoming a truly agile, networked organization that puts its patients front and center.

ANZ: ACT Government

ACT Government upgraded its digital services for running a key welfare registration program. This completely transformed how the ACT Government now serves some of Australia’s most vulnerable populations. By implementing an API-led approach, the organization rolled out an upgraded platform across its service centers. This automated the continuous monitoring of cases and sped up issue resolution, driving real social impact.

EMEA: Arbetsförmedlingen

Arbetsförmedlingen is bringing together employers and job seekers onto one platform. Its services are free and accessible — and calls on data to provide accurate matches between employers’ needs and job seekers’ skill sets. Over the past year, Arbetsförmedlingen built more than 100 reusable APIs, scaled a secure exchange of data between internal and external parties, and made more job matches than ever before.

Digital transformation award

AMER: The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

Wawanesa started using MuleSoft to scale and modernize its integration and API capabilities — all while upholding IT’s visibility into security. Since then, Wawanesa has developed more than 160 new APIs and improved its integration-delivery time by 60%. This has enabled business users to improve the customer experience across a variety of digital initiatives.

ANZ: Sensis

Sensis’ goal is to become the leading software provider for small to medium-sized businesses. Sensis is making this happen through its platform that manages key business functions and workload. In just eight months, Sensis successfully integrated 15 applications and developed 30 APIs from pilot to production. Today, MuleSoft handles over 1 million transactions on a 30-day rolling basis.

EMEA: Reckitt

By setting its sights on APIs, Reckitt navigated the obstacles of an increasingly complex IT landscape. By securely making data accessible for both internal and external stakeholders, it transformed key areas of the business — from supply chain to HR. Leveraging reusable APIs, Reckitt cut its implementation time in half. Reckitt increased productivity and overall speed to market, all while decreasing shipping time and costs.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our customers who submitted their innovative ideas and extraordinary business outcomes! Please help us in congratulating the winners by sharing this post across your social networks.