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Our customers use MuleSoft to transform their industries and drive incredible innovation. We’re grateful to partner with them during their digital transformation, and we’re excited to recognize them for their achievements at MuleSoft CONNECT.

Our award categories represent organizations worldwide from small businesses to large enterprises across all industries. The awards drew over 70 submissions from companies, and our judges had a hard time narrowing down to the nine stories to spotlight. Our winners were chosen by a panel of MuleSoft and non-MuleSoft judges who scored all the responses based on a detailed explanation, logical outline of steps from problem to solution, business outcomes, and originality in approach. 

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With that said, we’re excited to announce the following MuleSoft Customer Awards winners for 2022! 

Rookie of the year award 

  • AMER: Cue Health 
  • EMEA: Aldar Properties PJSC 
  • APAC: Icebreaker 

AMER: Cue Health

Cue Health released their global B2B and B2C platform for their COVID at-home test kits and portal for their B2B partners. They needed to create a decentralized, responsive, digital-first consumer-centric-model to integrate data from multiple systems delivering an end-to-end e-commerce strategy. MuleSoft enabled this in 10.5 weeks. With the help of technology and speed, they were able to expand their business and double in size. Cue Health did their part in the community to help prevent the spread of COVID globally.

EMEA: Aldar Properties PJSC

Aldar Properties PJSC had to unify multiple systems across all entities, geographies, and channels. Utilizing MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, ALDAR builds APIs to access customer information, order status, real-time inventory, pricing, and employee information previously held in various siloes. In the first phase of the project, ALDAR connected more than 50+ critical applications via MuleSoft. 

APAC: Icebreaker

Icebreaker recently went on a digital transformation journey together with Mulesoft, shifting from Point-to-Point (PtP) integration onto MuleSoft’s Runtime Fabric (RTF), an API-led architecture. Since going live, Icebreaker has seen a 100% success rate on their shipment of orders, meeting service levels and improving overall customer experience.

Social impact award 

  • AMER: SameSky Health 
  • EMEA: F. Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche) 
  • APAC: Wave Money  

AMER: SameSky Health

SameSky Health is a technology leader in the health equity space. Their mission is to engage with the underserved segment of the population and drive them toward positive health outcomes. With MuleSoft as their main data orchestration tool, they were able to build their data ingestion platform in fewer than five months for a timely and successful launch of their Culture Guide product. 

EMEA: F. Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche)

Roche has launched several programs globally to enhance the patient experience. It’s an enterprise-wide technology program and a part of Roche’s journey to transform into a globally integrated parent and customer-centric organization. By utilizing MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, they’re bringing faster time to therapy for patients, educating and maximizing therapy adherence, driving provider and HCP engagement, and saving lives by providing products to other forms of healthcare.

APAC: Wave Money

Wave Money experienced some major challenges in 2021, with COVID-19 and a political coup among other disruptions. This resulted in sporadic internet restrictions. MuleSoft’s solutions enabled them to stay resilient and maintain business continuity. Through MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, they were able to deliver essential financial services to 15.7 million individual users in 2021. These are the number of people who, in a paper-cash starved environment, were able to safely and conveniently send money to their beloved family members and pay urgent bills to keep their lights on. 

Digital transformation award 

  • AMER: Forward Air 
  • EMEA: Brunello Cucinelli SpA
  • APAC: Fletcher Building 

AMER: Forward Air

Forward Air was able to rapidly change the clock speed of customers’ business through API-driven ecosystems that facilitated reuse and assembly rather than doing traditional ways of IT. They managed to empower the lines of business to drive change and bring in innovation faster without IT being the bottleneck, which allowed them to delivere and maintain 30+ APIs in production in the past fiscal year.

EMEA: Brunello Cucinelli SpA

Brunello Cucinelli SpA started its new project centering around offering their customers a complimentary service aiming at taking care of Brunello Cucinelli creations. The project was a successful example of business process automation and helped them move toward their vision of sustainability based on respect, care, and the art of repair. Their customer care agents benefited from the introduction of this new automated process which resulted in a 22% reduction in the time spent handling repair cases, thanks to centralizing communications and reorganizing their workflow.

APAC: Fletcher Building

Fletcher Building was faced with how to build an e-commerce platform that all BUs could leverage. They needed to retain full branding capabilities for their service offerings while utilizing agile ways of working to provide the velocity of change. With MuleSoft, they were able to reduce the amount of time and cost to build an e-commerce portal and mobile app by approximately 50% per BU.

Thank you! 

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to all of our customers who submitted their innovative ideas and extraordinary business outcomes!