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With the launch of Einstein 1, Salesforce delivers an integrated, intelligent, automated, accessible, and open platform for trusted AI.

As Salesforce’s trusted AI platform for customer companies, Einstein 1 is all about bringing accessible AI right into the workflow. It delivers AI, grounded on your data, in the flow of work through conversational and embedded AI experiences. 

Einstein Copilot is a purpose-built AI assistant that is natively embedded across Salesforce applications so there’s a consistent user experience to answer questions, generate content, and dynamically automate any action to deliver better productivity. How? By asking questions in natural language and taking action on behalf of the user without disrupting the flow of their work.

And behind every Copilot response is an action. Einstein Copilot comes equipped with out-of-the-box actions that complete business tasks, like: 

  • Creating a custom plan to close top sales opportunities
  • Providing a customer service answer informed by a company’s knowledge base
  • Performing data analysis
  • … and so much more! 

With MuleSoft, companies can extend Copilot by giving it access to APIs that allow it to interact with any system in the enterprise in a secure and governed way. This extends from cloud and SaaS applications to legacy systems and mainframes, enabling you to unlock data and execute actions with AI across your entire technology stack. In doing so, you will have the latest data for grounding your AI models. 

Unlocking Einstein Copilot’s potential with MuleSoft APIs

Einstein 1 Studio, which includes Copilot Builder, is a set of low-code tools that enable admins and developers to configure and customize Copilot for their business. Admins and developers can use tools they already have — like Flow and MuleSoft APIs — to enable Einstein Copilot to complete tasks in the flow of work.

When Copilot is extended with MuleSoft APIs, users can interact with the conversational interface across Salesforce applications and Copilot can reference data and execute actions in external systems without the user ever leaving the context of their workflow.

To illustrate, let’s consider a scenario where a customer inquires about a new pair of white shoes: 

In the example above, we’re determining what style of shoes the customer might like. Copilot collects the data from various systems to identify potential products, then checks against inventory prior to delivering the recommendations. 

Behind the scenes, Copilot relies on a flow built by a developer in Flow Builder for product recommendations. Separately, Copilot uses a MuleSoft API to check inventory in NetSuite to make sure the recommended items are in stock. Copilot was given access to these actions by the developer, and understands when to execute them in response to a user’s natural language request without the user ever having to be aware that these specific flows or systems exist.

Copilot is designed to understand natural language prompts and select appropriate actions for each request. Because the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform includes a ton of out-of-the-box connectors and templates, the power of Copilot can be extended across the technology ecosystem inside any company with relative ease. 

By connecting systems using MuleSoft connectors and APIs, Copilot enables users to extract valuable data and deliver the next-best actions quickly — all without disrupting the flow of work. From updating an invoice amount in the ERP or placing an order in the OMS system, users can now accomplish myriad tasks without ever having to exit the Salesforce environment.

Get talking with Einstein Copilot

It’s clear that AI is an incredible tool to increase productivity, improve customer service, and drive customer loyalty. As a result, 87% of IT leaders see the nature of digital transformation shifting, and 86% of IT executives state that generative AI will have a major impact on their companies. It’s no wonder that the investment in generative AI tools is critical. 

Einstein Copilot enables organizations to foster innovation, drive efficiency, and enhance decision-making capabilities for users around the organization. Leveraging the power of MuleSoft within Einstein Copilot, organizations can make a huge leap toward AI-driven innovation by connecting this intuitive conversational interface with data and systems from across their technology landscape. 

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this collaboration promises to be a linchpin in shaping a future where AI and data work hand in hand to drive unprecedented business value and growth.

Copilot is currently in beta. Custom actions via Salesforce Flow are available now and external actions with MuleSoft APIs will be available in Q2 2024. See Copilot in action at TrailblazerDX 2024