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At Dreamforce this year, there will be more than 700 sessions specifically for developers. Whether you are a beginner looking to build your first API or integration with MuleSoft, or are a seasoned MuleSoft developer looking to gain more advanced knowledge, there will be resources for everyone at Dreamforce this year to help you on your development journey.

If you’re a developer that’s attending Dreamforce, there will be breakout and theatre sessions, workshops, and activities for any topic you’re interested in, including security, AI, IoT, app development, certifications, and much more!

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Here are the top 10 sessions I recommend any developer attending Dreamforce to checkout: 

1. Integration keynote 

Join top MuleSoft executives and trailblazers like BMW, HSBC, and Ashley Stewart to see why integration is the key to digital transformation by accelerating IT delivery, increasing agility, and unleashing the full power of Salesforce Customer 360.

2. Salesforce Integration made easy with MuleSoft

In this session, hear from me, Jordan Schuetz, on how to develop integrations with MuleSoft to integrate with common SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Twilio, Sendgrid and more. 

3. Create your first integration in 5 minutes

Think of this session as integration made easy! I’ll show you how simple it is to build your first integration in five minutes using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. We will be learning how to merge data between two CSVs from two different systems and upload those leads into Salesforce.

4. How to use APIs to Integrate Customer Data with MuleSoft

Learn how to use MuleSoft’s API-led approach to integrate Salesforce faster and more efficiently. See a live demo featuring API Designer and Flow Designer to see how to easily pull in data from third-party systems.

5. Boundless integration: the power of Salesforce + MuleSoft

For more advanced developers, learn how to add handle protocol conversion, mediation routing, service orchestration, queuing, transactionality, error handling, logging, and more when building integrations to Salesforce.

6. Salesforce Streaming API + MuleSoft = Real-time integrations

Join this session to learn the basics of streaming API and see a live demo of building real-time Salesforce integrations “with clicks, not code” using MuleSoft.

7. Intro to MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

New to Anypoint Platform? Get the 101 to everything Anypoint Platform. See how it helps organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect and integrate any application, data, and device.

8. Building communities around your API products with MuleSoft

Learn how to build personalized and engaging experiences for these developers and innovate with them to co-create value for your ecosystem.

9. A practical guide to building a successful API strategy

Join this session to learn the four-stage API strategy blueprint that MuleSoft, in partnership with ProgrammableWeb, has developed to help organizations start their API program and win in the API economy.

10. APIs to Apps: Accelerate App Dev With The Customer 360 Platform & MuleSoft

Join these two live demos, showing how Salesforce’s solution to integration provides a more strategic approach and enables faster application development, allowing you to quickly build connected experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

Be sure to build out your Dreamforce agenda to include the above sessions. 

Not attending Dreamforce? No worries, check out the tutorials section of our website to learn how to use Anypoint Platform.