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It’s our favorite time of year again: TrailblazerDX! TDX, our annual developer event of the year, is almost here! Join MuleSoft and Salesforce on March 7–8, 2023 live in San Francisco or virtually on Salesforce+. 

During these two exciting days, we’re blurring the lines between learning and fun by bringing admins, developers, architects, partners, entrepreneurs, and IT leaders together to immerse themselves in a world-class learning experience that explores how to build apps on Customer 360, integrate with MuleSoft, connect with Slack, and power analytics with Tableau. 

What to expect at TDX 2023 

Excited? You should be – we are, too! Here we’re sharing everything that’s in store for you at TDX this year, whether you’re attending in person or watching on Salesforce+. We’ve put this handy guide together for you to get the most out of your TDX experience.

Skill up and connect

TrailblazerDX is an opportunity for you to learn, connect, have fun, and give back. It’s the ability to have a quick hallway conversation after a session that was mind-blowingly awesome. It’s the laughter over a quick lunch with newfound friends. It’s the chance to ask speakers and Salesforce experts in person about a question that has you stumped. Need we say more? To get you even more pumped up, here’s a sneak peek of what TrailblazerDX ‘23 has in store!

  • Learn: There will be 200+ technical sessions, product demos, expert-led workshops, and hands-on learning – perfect whether you build with clicks, code, or both. You can also expect 1000+ certification opportunities!
  • Connect: 25,000+ Trailblazers, including the MuleSoft Community, will come together online and in person to share best practices, tips and tricks, and more.
  • Have fun: Expect community gatherings, fun, and games, plus an epic Trailblazer Celebration party.
  • Give back: You’ll even find volunteer opportunities, knowledge sharing, and mentorship. Leave the community a little better than you found it.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff. Here are some sessions you can expect to see at TrailblazerDX ’23.

Exciting keynotes and True To The Core

The biggest things to look out for this year are the TrailblazerDX Main Show Keynote, the MuleSoft Keynote and True to the Core. 

TrailblazerDX Main Show Keynote 

The TrailblazerDX Main Show Keynote is your chance to join Salesforce President and CMO Sarah Franklin along with other senior ecosystem leadership, to learn how developers, admins, architects, and partners can come together to use the latest innovations across the Customer 360 Platform, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau to innovate, automate, and scale.

If you’ll be following along from home, catch the entire keynote as it is live-streamed on Salesforce+. Be sure to watch the keynote live with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation.

MuleSoft Keynote: Build Connected, Automated Experiences Faster

Join MuleSoft for an exciting session on how you can use Anypoint Platform, MuleSoft RPA, and MuleSoft Composer to build connected, automated experiences faster. We are excited to welcome special guests from the MuleSoft Community and the MuleSoft Product and Executive teams.

This keynote will be available on Salesforce+! More information on the exact date and time coming soon!

True to the Core

Join Parker Harris and product executives  from Salesforce, MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau, and product managers for a Q&A forum about our product roadmap. Speakers include: 

  • Sarah Franklin, Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce
  • Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau
  • Patrick Stokes, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Salesforce Platform
  • Stephen Hsu, Senior Vice President of Product Management, MuleSoft
  • Steve Wood, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Slack

If you’re watching from home, watch True to the Core as it will be live-streamed on Salesforce+.

Meet other Muleys! 

There are two great locations to connect with fellow Muleys: MuleSoft Mountain and the MuleSoft Community Booth in the Community Cove. Head to either location to learn more about MuleSoft, the MuleSoft Community, and catch some awesome sessions. 

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MuleSoft sessions for every attendee

There are over 200 sessions lined up for you at TDX this year that span our entire ecosystem. Breakout sessions are 40-minute deep dives into content, and theater sessions are 20-minute talks that will be happening throughout the event space. Here are just some highly anticipated MuleSoft sessions!

Automatically Secure and Manage Any API at Scale

  • Speakers: Brian Statkevicus, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Practice Manager at Big Compass, and Sue Han, Technical PMM at MuleSoft 
  • What to expect: Protect any API – anywhere – the moment it’s deployed. Join us to learn how you can automate API management as part of your CI/CD pipeline with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Flex Gateway.

Level Up Integration Development With Anypoint Code Builder

  • Speakers: Kenneth Owens, Software Engineer at Discount Tires; Rohan Vettiankal, PMM at MuleSoft, and Simone Geib, PM at MuleSoft
  • What to expect: Learn about our new, zero-install, work-from-anywhere, IDE Anypoint Code Builder (Beta). Explore new ways to design, build, and test MuleSoft applications faster than ever.

Integrate Your Customer Data Sources With MuleSoft and Data Cloud

  • Speakers: Nisha Nizamuddin, Sr. Manager, Software Engineering and Chinonso Ndimantang, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, MuleSoft
  • What to expect: Learn how to unify all your customer data with pre-built assets, regardless of where it resides, to unlock insights that support seamless customer experiences.

Build an Industry-Centric C360 With MuleSoft Direct

  • Speakers: Sonia Ishida, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce; Gal Gavish, Senior Director, Product Management, Cross-Cloud Integration, Salesforce
  • What to expect: Put your industry at the center of the Customer 360 with MuleSoft Direct. With packaged integration use cases, you can connect Salesforce Industry Clouds to major systems for maximum efficiency.

MuleSoft Community Sessions

Learn from Muleys just like you! Our Muleys have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you be successful. Come to the TDX ‘23 Community Cove where you can get inspired by best practices at the Community Campfire, or get a great overview of a technical project at the Trailblazer Theater. 

Look out for both 20-minute presentations and 45-minute panels on technical topics and solutions across our ecosystem, created by members of the community.

Trailblazer Theaters 

Here are the Trailblazer Theaters you can look forward to attending! 

Unleash the Power of MuleSoft Composer and Amazon EventBridge 

  • Speakers: Nadina Lisbon, MuleSoft Mentor and CRM Enterprise Architect at NetApp, and Justin Lisbon, Salesforce Technical Architect at Vacasa
  • What to expect: Learn how MuleSoft Composer and Amazon EventBridge can streamline integration and automate business processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

Visualizing Performance Using Mule Metrics Toolkit and Tableau

  • Speakers: Anderson Shorey, MuleSoft Mentor and Manager, Integration Services at Sagicor, and Larry Anderson, MuleSoft Mentor and Integration Architect at Sagicor
  • What to expect: We will show the customization of the Mule Metrics Toolkit to pull and transform data from a well-known HR platform for easy consumption and visualization within Tableau.

MuleSoft Community Campfires 

Here are the MuleSoft Community Campfires you don’t want to miss! 

Scale Security with MuleSoft and Salesforce Industries

  • Speaker: Brad Ringer, MuleSoft Ambassador and Principal System Engineer at AT&T
  • What to expect: Learn how to move to a centralized and scalable high-security custom JWT token generator, easily connecting MuleSoft to Salesforce Industries HTTP REST APIs.

How Do I Replace This Software Integration?

  • Speakers: Jim Andrews, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Architect at Slalom and Pooja Kamath, MuleSoft Mentor and Cloud Integrations Architect at API Insights
  • What to expect: We all know we need to gather our integrations in an integration platform. In this campfire, we will talk about how to do this effectively and avoid pitfalls to manage challenges.

Unleash Innovation With MuleSoft Automation 

  • Speaker: Kartik Viswanadha, Chief Innovation Officer at Neura
  • What to expect: Learn how to create better-connected customer experiences, boost employee productivity, and improve operational efficiency with MuleSoft Automation.

Connect Anywhere With Any System

  • Speaker: Rajesh Nagarajan, MuleSoft Mentor at Aveva
  • What to expect: Organizations need to unify and take control of data from origination through consumption. Learn how to integrate and automate across enterprise applications to achieve digital transformations.

Other can’t-miss content – and so much MOAR!

There’s a bunch of incredible low-code and code content waiting for you at TrailblazerDX. Check out some of the MuleSoft Automation sessions here to diversify your TDX learning experience.

Automate Any Process with Salesforce and MuleSoft Together

  • Speakers: Emily Ann Clemons and Neal Mhaskar, PMMs at MuleSoft 
  • What to expect: See how to automate end-to-end processes across any apps, docs, images, objects, and everything in between with MuleSoft Automation and Salesforce Flow together. No coding required.

Salesforce on Salesforce: How We Automate IT

  • Speakers: Parth Shah and Emily Ann Clemonsm, PMMs at MuleSoft
  • What to expect: Learn how Salesforce’s biztech team relies on automation to scale help desk, asset management, and device compliance across an 80,000 person organization.

Automation 101: Get Started and Unlock Value Today

  • Speakers: Mishika Narula, Associate PMM and Gene Likins, VP Business Value Services at MuleSoft
  • What to expect: Deciding what to automate can be a daunting task. Learn how Salesforce is empowering businesses to unlock productivity, improve value, and deliver better experiences faster with automation.

We’re super excited to bring together our diverse technical communities at a single conference. No matter which Salesforce technology you work with, everyone can skill up at TrailblazerDX 2023! At this point, we’ve merely scratched the surface of the event. We didn’t mention that MuleSoft, Slack, and Tableau will all have their own expo areas, so Salesforce developers can immerse themselves in product knowledge.

And if you can’t be there in person, we’ve got you! This year, Salesforce+ will have a LIVE broadcast experience for select content! That’s right – for both days, there will be two channels and 15 hours of live broadcast – entirely for free. In addition to the live experience, 50+ on-demand sessions will be available and packed with exclusive content and moments.

What you can do now

TrailblazerDX has always been one of our most popular conferences. We love that admins, architects, and developers from around the world can all come together to share their experiences, learn, and engage with each other. We’re so excited to bring together our diverse technical communities into a single developer conference.

No matter which technology in the Salesforce ecosystem may apply to your job or role, you’ll be able to skill up at TDX 2023. And most importantly, you can make new connections with great people from around the world.

  1. Register here if you haven’t already. Use code: T23DCMMS837
  2. Take a look at all of the sessions we have planned.
  3. Build your TDX ‘23 experience with our official Agenda Builder (coming soon!).
  4. Check out the Road to TrailblazerDX Quest to unlock an exclusive community badge and enter for a chance to win* one of 10 Salesforce certification vouchers, or one of 20 coveted Trailblazer hoodies. *Official Rules apply. See the Trailhead Quests page for full details.
  5. Want to fast-track your path to certification after TDX? Sign up for TrailblazerDX Bootcamp from March 9–11, 2023 – three days of immersive learning led by experts. Dive deep into technical sessions, learn with your community, and uplevel your career.
  6. Follow us on LinkedIn at @MuleSoft Community and tag us in a post sharing what you are most excited for! 

We can’t wait to see you at TDX 2023!