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Dreamforce — wow — what a week! Whether you experienced the magic in person, joined the millions of online attendees, or didn’t have a chance to tune in this year — we’ve got you covered with a recap of the 10 top moments at Dreamforce ‘19. 

#1: Salesforce announces Customer 360 Truth 

One of the biggest announcements during the Dreamforce opening keynote was Customer 360 Truth. Customer 360 Truth, which includes MuleSoft, helps companies unify their data across all touchpoints to build a single source of truth (SSOT) about their customers. 

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For more on Customer 360 Truth, watch the opening keynote.

#2: Integration is now accessible to all with clicks-not-code 

We introduced a clicks-not-code approach to connectivity, and are on a journey to make the entire end-to-end integration process dramatically simpler. Now anyone can become an Integration Trailblazer and easily connect data sources — wherever that data resides. 

Check out our Integration Keynote to learn more.

#3: Our pledge to skill up 100,000 Integration Trailblazers

MuleSoft, along with our key partners, Accenture and Deloitte, has committed to skilling up 100,000 Integration Trailblazers, to arm the workforce of today and tomorrow with the tools to drive digital transformation. 

Learn all there is to know about APIs and add integration to your skill set by earning your badge now on Trailhead. 

#4: Connect Salesforce Clouds — fast — with new MuleSoft Accelerators

We announced MuleSoft Accelerators for Salesforce Service and Commerce Clouds. With these accelerators — which include pre-built APIs and templates that are ready to use out-of-the-box, businesses see a 60% reduction in implementing these Salesforce clouds. 

These Accelerators will be generally available early next year. Stay tuned!

#5: BMW unlocks data to create connected experiences

During the Integration Keynote, Rene Wies, VP of Group IT, Sales, and Marketing at BMW, explained that with Anypoint Platform, BMW has interconnected all of its business-critical systems to give employees — including salespeople, technicians, and customer associates — access to the right data at every touchpoint. 

Hear BMW tell their innovation story with MuleSoft in the video below. 

#6: You can now create custom developer portals with API Community Manager

With API Community Manager, organizations can create custom developer portals for their APIs. Until now, there has not been a single solution that brings together full lifecycle API management, personalization, forums, chat, support case management, and engagement analytics. 

Watch our demo video for more.

#7: HSBC is building the ‘Bank of the Future’ powered by MuleSoft

According to Dinesh Keswani, group CTO and CIO, HSBC has been able to “reduce our app development time by 75% and release new functionality to consumers every two weeks versus once a quarter.” They’re also using MuleSoft’s API Community Manager to engage 30k+ developers, internally and externally!

See how HSBC is using MuleSoft to drive connected experiences for their customers. 

#8: MuleSoft extends Anypoint Runtime Fabric to Google Cloud

MuleSoft announced that it will extend its Anypoint Runtime Fabric to run on Google Cloud. 

Google Cloud customers will be able to easily manage business critical applications within their existing infrastructure, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Organizations will also be able to aggregate their data in Google Cloud to drive relevant insights across previously disparate data silos with a new Google Cloud connector.  

For more information, read our press release

#9: The Integration Grove brought APIs to life

At the Integration Grove attendees learned about the power of APIs to supercharge their integration potential. Our Connected Forest game showcased how, with reusable APIs, businesses can connect systems 4x faster. 

Check out the awesome video one Dreamforce attendee shared after visiting the Integration Grove.

#10: We welcomed Tableau into the Salesforce family!

Tableau, a data visualization company offering business intelligence and analytics, is now part of the Customer 360 Platform. Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff referred to Tableau as the next step after acquiring MuleSoft. “As we’ve integrated MuleSoft we realized we need to enhance our analytics.” 

For more on the Tableau acquisition, watch their keynote.

What an awesome week! Want to learn more or didn’t catch MuleSoft at Dreamforce? Don’t worry, you can still see us on the road in a city near you by registering for CONNECT.