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Every company must become a technology company.” How many times have we heard this? It might be a truism, but it’s one that’s actually true – digital transformation strategies need to be woven into every activity an enterprise undertakes, not shunted off into IT or the digital department.

The biggest challenge in IT right now is that it cannot keep up with how the modern enterprise wants to use mobile, big data, and other cloud dependent technology solutions. There has to be a solution that allows IT to scale and grow with the business’ ever increasing demands. The answer that most businesses have identified is increasing agility. aIT leaders need to assess problems, figure out a solution, and execute on them in a matter of months.

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But what is business agility? And how can your business achieve it and therefore achieve your business transformation goals? We asked 18 of our customers to describe what agility means to them and how they are achieving digital transformation by increasing it. And the results were astounding.

Join VP of Product and Industry Marketing, Sarvesh Jagannivas, for a webinar outlining what we learned from our customers who are successfully navigating digital transformation.

If you are interested in real-world examples of how organizations in multiple industries are achieving positive and dramatic outcomes, through successful implementations of digital transformation strategies, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

For example, one of our customers  saw first hand how platform agility with MuleSoft accelerated time to deploy apps with twice the speed. Building integrations took four weeks instead of eight weeks, building new apps took eight weeks down from twenty weeks, and Cisco delivered nine projects in just one quarter versus their usual two to three.

Register today for the webinar. And if you’d like to learn more about the principles that lead to improved business outcomes, take a look at our API-led connectivity whitepaper.