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eCommerce is more than setting up a website — it’s building a strong digital platform to integrate critical commerce data and processes spanning across your ERP, OMS, POS, and other core systems. With MuleSoft and Commerce Cloud, companies can create the foundation for headless commerce by unlocking real-time inventory and product catalog information from any external system. 

In fact, the combination of these two technologies have enabled businesses to launch commerce experiences 2.5x faster, scale quicker across brands and regions with reusable assets, and deliver a consistent and personalized buying experience across any digital channel with robust APIs.

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Integration keynote 

Unleash the power of Salesforce Customer 360 with APIs 

To digitally transform and meet rising customer expectations, organizations must innovate at speed and scale. The average enterprise has more than 900 systems and the ability to quickly access, transform, and orchestrate data separates industry leaders from those that are left behind. Join MuleSoft CTO, Uri Sarid, and trailblazers BMW, HSBC, and Ashley Stewart, to learn how integration and APIs accelerate IT delivery, increase organizational agility, and unleash the full power of Salesforce Customer 360.

Breakout sessions 

MuleSoft + Commerce Cloud Solution: Make Headless Commerce a Reality (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Headless commerce is a vision for many retailers that need to quickly spin up new eCommerce experiences for new digital channels or for a flash sale. But achieving this vision can be challenging since modern eCommerce experiences require data and context from your OMS, PIM, ERP, WMS, and POS systems. What if MuleSoft and Commerce Cloud provided a solution that accelerated and simplified this process? Join this session to see a demo of the solution and hear best practices from ASICS.

Accelerate eCommerce Innovation with MuleSoft and Commerce Cloud 

Delivering a more unified, reliable, and connected commerce experience is more challenging than ever before, with an average eCommerce implementation requiring more than 10+ systems. In this session, discover how major corporations like Watchbox are accelerating their time to market and taking on the integration challenge using MuleSoft + Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Theater sessions 

Connect Your Commerce with MuleSoft (Tuesday and Wednesday

Global eCommerce sales are expected to increase 250% in the next three years, and over half of all in-store purchases are influenced by eCommerce. You might be considering implementing a loyalty management program or leveraging innovations such as chatbots, machine learning, and voice search. Learn how MuleSoft can connect all of your commerce systems, data, and processes to enable rapid innovation for you to deliver on your customers’ expectations while building a competitive advantage.

API-First Commerce: How ASICS Leads the Way with Commerce Cloud and MuleSoft 

To build modern commerce apps and reach shoppers wherever they are, developers need a platform and tools that offer maximum flexibility. In this session, hear how ASICS is leading the way in API-first commerce with Commerce Cloud and MuleSoft. ASICS uses MuleSoft to integrate back office systems, like their Product Information Management (PIM) system, to their Commerce Cloud ecommerce storefront and in-store app. Attendees will also get a sneak peak into the new Commerce Cloud API ecosystem that gives commerce developers the agility to build faster.

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