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As customers demand more personalization across buying journeys, top sales teams increasingly rely on a 360-degree customer view. In fact, high-performing sales teams are twice as likely to have integrated systems in place. MuleSoft enables a connected selling experience by integrating third-party systems with Sales Cloud — rapidly surfacing customer and order information from ERP and legacy systems. By unlocking the back office with MuleSoft, customers have seen 26% increased sales productivity and three times faster order provisioning.

Joining us at Dreamforce 2019? Find us in the Dreamforce Campground under the Sales persona sign, where we’ll be showing a live demo of how customers can drive strategic growth with MuleSoft and Sales Cloud. Attend a MuleSoft session to see how customers have transformed their business by unlocking back office systems. For a deeper dive, come explore the Integration Grove where you can see how our customers have leveraged MuleSoft to digitally transform and participate in hands-on activities to kick start your own digital transformation. 

Integration Keynote 

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Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

Unleash the power of Salesforce Customer 360 with APIs 

To digitally transform and meet rising customer expectations, organizations must innovate at speed and scale. The average enterprise has more than 900 systems and the ability to quickly access, transform and orchestrate data separates industry leaders from those that are left behind. Join MuleSoft CTO, Uri Sarid, and trailblazers BMW, HSBC and Ashley Stewart, to learn how integration and APIs accelerate IT delivery, increase organizational agility, and unleash the full power of Salesforce Customer 360.

Breakout sessions 

Unlock the back office with MuleSoft and Salesforce
To take full advantage of your CRM requires building integrations to connect to many back office systems such as ERP. Join this demo-led session to learn how MuleSoft can help you integrate Salesforce faster and unlock the back office. (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Leverage the Full Power of MuleSoft and CPQ
In this session, learn how to improve operational efficiency & agility by using MuleSoft and CPQ to unify product, price, and contract data. See how to automate the quote-to-cash process across systems like Salesforce and ERP. (Wednesday, Thursday)

How to Merge Two Sales Teams After M&A

Most sales leaders struggle after M&A to bring their sales teams and customer data together. With more than 50% of M&A deals failing, what near- and long-term steps can sales leader take to boost revenue with their newly combined Sales team? Join us to learn how Verizon folded AOL Time Warner into the company and got the insights and visibility needed to the acquisition profitable. (Tuesday, Friday)

Theater sessions

How to Create an Integrated Selling Experience with Salesforce and MuleSoft

Integration is strategic in building a successful system of engagement, especially when you have legacy systems to work with. Having all of that data in one place is also key to empowering your sales teams to do their best work. Join us to learn how to build your system of engagement in Salesforce while maximizing time to value and prioritizing productivity and agility. (Wednesday, Friday)

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