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MuleSoft joined the world’s leading brands at AWS re:Invent, a learning conference for the global cloud computing community. re:Invent featured keynote announcements and exciting presentations to get everyone inspired and ready to rethink what’s possible now. 

Weren’t able to attend live? We’ve recapped the key announcements and highlights from our sessions below.

Integrate and Automate any System to AWS with MuleSoft

Salesforce began the journey with AWS in 2016 when we began the conversations of moving off of our first-party data centers and migrating to the public cloud. This was a huge decision for our company because it required Salesforce to relinquish control of our data centers. We would not have made this decision if AWS did not meet our #1 value: trust.

Trust in AWS is how we had the confidence to engage in a deep ongoing relationship, and with 90% of our workloads running on a public cloud provider, the largest part of which will run on AWS, this is a foundational component of our partnership. Since this decision, we have expanded our partnership to leverage the amazing scale, services, and data that AWS unlocks for every component of the Salesforce Customer 360.

Companies are accelerating their digital transformation and turning to the public cloud as an answer to some of their biggest challenges. And as part of their migration to the public cloud, they need to have cloud infrastructure and services that work as one secure, connected ecosystem – from cloud infrastructure, to customer and employee data, to the app and developer tools that are used to make it.

Today, the challenge is more complex than ever before because the number of applications in your landscape has dramatically increased. Organizations have an average of 976 discrete applications. Every experience you create for customers, employees, and partners  needs data that lives across all those systems. For years, the only solution to this problem rested in the hands of a developer with a long backlog of work to do.

To keep pace with today’s demands, we cannot only rely on developers. Everyone should be empowered to drive digital transformation. MuleSoft is bringing together IT and business users onto a single platform for end-to-end automation.

3 capabilities for this digital operating paradigm to become a reality 

There are three key capabilities for this digital operating paradigm to become a reality: automation, APIs and integration, and governance and control. 


Empower business teams to innovate by automating repetitive tasks. MuleSoft Composer makes it easy to build process automation for data, using clicks instead of code. Create a secure process to connect information stored in various systems so you can build real-time, integrated views of your customers and your business. 

MuleSoft RPA eliminates manual tasks and processes – from simple to advanced automations – by using bots. You can save time and prevent human errors while also focusing on higher value work. RPA bots interact with applications, extract data, read images, and more.  

APIs and integration 

This is how power users can leverage different tools to  unlock data from any system and deliver on projects faster with reusable building blocks.

  • Anypoint Exchange is our marketplace for all API and integration assets. With prebuilt connectors to key systems including Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and many more, your teams can discover, share, and consume reusable assets to accelerate projects. 
  • Anypoint Partner Manager enables you to perform bidirectional B2B message exchanges using APIs and electronic data interchange formats and create automated workflows and complete view of the message flows between systems and your trading partners. 
  • Anypoint Code Builder is MuleSoft’s next-generation integrated development environment for API and integration developers to design, develop, and deploy from a single environment. We’re really excited to have a public beta launching soon, and we already have some great feedback from our early adopters. 
  • Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that brings cloud benefits to your on-premise deployments, whether they’re in data centers or on a private cloud. 
  • Deploy Mule runtimes across any cloud, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift container platform and data centers.

Governance and control 

If it weren’t for API management tooling, more than 50% of APIs would go unmanaged by 2025. You need universal governance and control for all of your building blocks. 

Universal API Management is the next evolution of full lifecycle API management that offers a more open, flexible, and scalable approach to and control MuleSoft APIs and non-MuleSoft APIs across a variety of platforms. 

  • Anypoint Manager: Apply pre-built API policies to all your APIs.
  • Anypoint Flex Gateway: Extend API Manager outside MuleSoft APIs to reduce response times and lower costs.
  • Anypoint API Governance: A one-stop-shop to monitor and notify owners of deployed assets to govern.
  • Anypoint DataGraph: Service all of your APIs from a single source of truth and link and merge related data types with ease. 

With a secure, connected platform for change, you can exceed customer expectations while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. MuleSoft empowers your teams to drive successful digital initiatives with automation, APIs, and integration. 

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Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

3 Ways to Accelerate Industry Innovation with MuleSoft and AWS 

Discover how MuleSoft and AWS are powering key use cases in the government, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. 

Deliver Secure and Seamless Constituent Experiences Faster

According to a recent Salesforce and BCG report, only 12% of constituents say digital government services are meeting all their needs, so it’s become an imperative to deliver those seamless experiences and digital capabilities. 

And to power those best-in-class experiences means having the underpinning technology to do so. IT modernization is a top priority for public sector organizations across the globe to accelerate delivery of new innovations, increase agility and efficiency, and of course, enhance security. 

But legacy systems, data silos, and manual processes are a perennial challenge. This means a lot of time and money is spent on maintaining, rather than innovating. Every team is working harder than ever because the average digital interaction involves almost 40 backend systems. So, the gap between demand and delivery capacity continues to widen.

MuleSoft Government Cloud is our FedRAMP-authorized and fully managed cloud infrastructure built on AWS GovCloud that ensures high availability, scalability, and security for your mission-critical workloads. 

MuleSoft enables you to unlock complex, hard to access legacy systems and then subsequently move to the cloud at your own pace with powerful hybrid integration capabilities At the same time, APIs also help you future proof your legacy systems and extend their life by normalizing consumption of data.

You can also manage all APIs and integrations across Government Cloud, your private cloud, and on-premises in a single management console, simplifying operations while increasing IT agility. Once you have visibility into your application network, you can enhance your zero trust architecture with automated security. Apply transaction-level security, easily enforce authentication, and rapidly identify and remediate threats.

Learn how MuleSoft helped the Indiana Department of Child Services (INDCS) launch their digital case management portal five years faster than planned and at 21% of their original budget. 

MuleSoft and Amazon HealthLake for Population Health Management

Successful healthcare organizations know that improving patient outcomes as they work to implement a value-based care model doesn’t just start within their own organization, they have to look at their entire community. This means examining  population health data for a better understanding of the factors that affect their patients health, and to proactively meet their needs.

Our MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare is specifically designed for healthcare organizations to leverage the power of MuleSoft and  accelerate their digital transformation journeys and quickly and securely serve patients and members. MuleSoft Accelerators are fully productized end-to-end solutions that include key assets to help you implement critical integration use cases two times faster. 

Our accelerator is made to enable data interoperability out-of-the-box, comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regulations, and simplify EHR connectivity, no matter which EHR vendor you are working with. It can give you that full view of your patients and members when it comes to sharing healthcare data in real-time for the most informed decision making to help improve outcomes, benefits verification, claims authorization.

With our new Population Health Management assets, healthcare organizations can:

  • Convert and surface valuable clinical data into Amazon HealthLake to gain comprehensive visibility into the population you serve.
  • Create actionable insights and implement initiatives that can improve health outcomes at scale.
  • Combine the power of MuleSoft and Amazon, including related healthcare offerings, such as Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Sagemaker.

Visit the Accelerator for Healthcare on Exchange to learn more.

Optimize Manufacturing Operations with MuleSoft, Tableau, and AWS

With 32% market share, AWS is the hands-down leader in public cloud infrastructure. Joining this power of data together with Salesforce’s Customer 360 provides our joint customers with not only a full-stack solution but a best-in-class full-stack solution. AWS and Salesforce are continuing to build joint solutions to help our customers accelerate innovation and time to value. 

For manufacturing customers, it can be challenging for them to monitor and maintain equipment. Not maintaining equipment in a timely manner can also disrupt normal plant operations. 

  • Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a way to monitor factory equipment data closely so that a business can maintain equipment in a timely manner. This helps manufacturers deliver on operating and production goals by reducing downtime, improving capital expenditure, and avoiding worker accidents related to malfunctioning equipment. 
  • MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing seamlessly syncs factory floor data from three tools: OSIsoft for data historians, Tableau for visualization, and Amazon Redshift for the warehouse data. This data visualization tool can model the data, and a business user can pre-define business criteria to trigger equipment maintenance work orders in a servicing case management system. A pre-built single push button can be used to submit these work orders. As a result, the entire operations team can rely on near real-time data to manage the health of production equipment and manufacture quality products. 

With MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing, manufacturers can make use of their own factory data to minimize equipment-related disruption; reduce downtime of plants more efficiently; and conduct the right maintenance operations at the right time. 

MuleSoft + AWS

The MuleSoft and AWS partnership enables customers to accelerate cloud adoption and seamlessly connect with data and workflows from any system, whether it’s in AWS or on-premises or in a SaaS application. 

Out-of-the-box (OOTB) connectors for key AWS services (S3, DynamoDB, and EC2) and key business systems (Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle) help overcome data silos and allow builders to focus on innovation versus integration. With MuleSoft and AWS, our customers benefit not only from our collective product suites, but also our extensive ecosystems and resources. Reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning more about how you can achieve success now with MuleSoft and AWS.