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MuleSoft attended HLTH 2022, joining the world’s leading brands serving the entire healthcare ecosystem for healthcare’s number one innovation event. Over four days, we met with healthcare and life sciences innovators from around the globe to discuss reimagining the in-person patient experience, scaling mental health services, and the state of digital patient experiences, automation in healthcare, and more. 

If you were able to join us in person and are looking for a refresh of our sessions, or you couldn’t make the trip and are interested in the top takeaways, here’s a deep dive into what we covered!  

Connect and Automate Your Patient Data with MuleSoft 

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are racing to create seamless digital experiences, faster. But roadblocks get in the way. For example, in a project such as adding a call center portal to improve coordinated patient care, custom code integration slows project delivery. Patient data and clinical results from EHR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Athena, and others would need to be connected with SMS and voice systems as well as scheduling software. 

Salesforce and MuleSoft removes these roadblocks to unify your patient and member data  using integration, API-led strategies, and automation – enabling you to create seamless digital experiences faster. 

Using our modern APIs, MuleSoft has revolutionized data sharing. APIs serve as building blocks for connectivity by reducing system architecture complexity and modern APIs have taken on some characteristics that make them extraordinarily valuable and useful. 

The modern API provides a productized, easy-to-use interface to access clinical and non-clinical data from any system. Even better, we’ve found that the modern API is the solution across your people, process and technology. These APIs can then be published as reusable assets, so that other developers can leverage this work without having to learn the inner workings of the underlying system, freeing up developers’ time for new projects and innovation and the ability to focus on the user experience. With a focus on building reusable building blocks with APIs, you now have a standardized way to amplify your connected experiences and improve processes.

Because APIs are much more standardized, they have a much stronger discipline for security and governance, as well as being monitored and managed for performance and scale. They provide a modern approach that provides the right technology infrastructure to enable plans to ensure the growth and success of your company. 

According to MuleSoft’s Connectivity benchmark report, more than half of organizations that leverage APIs have experienced increased productivity, and nearly half have increased innovation, employee engagement, and collaboration.

So how are we doing this for healthcare  and life sciences organizations? MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the world’s number one integration and API platform. It brings together APIs, integration, cataloging, and other critical capabilities for becoming an adaptable healthcare organization and building an application network.

  • Unlock and unify data anywhere: Integrate systems wherever they reside: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. 
  • Securely empower your health system with APIs: The ability to protect data, whether it’s secure patient data, employee information, you name it.
  • Create connected experiences faster: Easily apply proven assets and best practices from an API and integration marketplace to improve patient outcomes.

By proactively empowering your business teams to solve challenges around human tasks and process automation, you can spread the ability to innovate across your organization and avoid the complications of past approaches to automation.

You can take the best of MuleSoft’s API-led platform, and now add in system integrations, workflows, collaboration, data entry, and more so your clinical and non-clinical staff can focus on achieving better outcomes.

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Accelerate Clinical Data with MuleSoft and Tableau

Clinical trials account for multitudes of data that are often kept in various, siloed systems, making the actual analysis and use of this data more cumbersome. Consider that 80% of clinical trials are delayed, and 75% of pharmaceutical organizations say they need a more agile approach to ingest and consolidate data.

It takes a plethora of stakeholders to research and develop a new drug, let alone get it to market, and data silos keep stakeholders disjointed and moving at different speeds. If they could share data among stakeholders in real time to enable more efficient clinical trials, they could create significant cost savings and ROI.

As organizations race to respond to increasing demands, roadblocks get in the way of delivering on critical digital initiatives, such as integrating digital operations and clinical trial coordination or analytics. We’ve found that an average digital experience crosses 39 different technology systems, which can lead to significant challenges if those systems are not interoperable 

Within a single initiative, such as clinical trial analytics, custom code integration can slow project delivery. As IT takes on new initiatives, such as site modernization, more custom code is required to surface the same data to a new set of endpoints. As the number of technologies and initiatives grows, so too does the amount of integration work required. 

MuleSoft provides an alternative to custom point-to-point integration. With the MuleSoft Accelerator for Life Sciences you can turn your systems, data, and applications into building blocks creating an application network that allows IT to quickly build and scale new experiences and adapt to changing business requirements
MuleSoft allows its customers to move a lot faster by offering hundreds of prebuilt and reusable APIs, connectors, and templates to easily surface and streamline actionable data to CRM applications or visual analytics platforms like Tableau. 

One of the more valuable characteristics of these assets, like the APIs for example, is the reusability. Reusability allows our customers to move to develop and deliver projects with incredible speed and stability with minimal downstream maintenance. They are more efficient because they’re reusing, not rebuilding. Customers that use this approach achieve three times faster time to delivery, and you can too.

Thank you!

We hope we saw you at HLTH 2022. Please reach out if you have any questions about what we covered. Looking to find out more about how MuleSoft automation improves Healthcare and Life Sciences? Watch our latest webinar on how MuleSoft automation improves healthcare and life sciences, and browse our HLS solutions