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Today, IT needs practical tips to act on immediately. Most IT-focused events give you vision and a roadmap. MuleSoft is introducing a new event that solves for the how and now. 

Earlier this year, we transformed our MuleSoft CONNECT events into a digital experience that we called MuleSoft CONNECT Digital — and our attendees loved it! We are bringing a similar digital experience to the second half of the year with MuleSoft CONNECT:Now. MuleSoft CONNECT:Now consists of three fully digital events, streamed online for free across three global regions. Below are the dates:

What you’ll get at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now?

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Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

MuleSoft CONNECT:Now is a high-impact, 90-minute virtual event that serves as your 90-day playbook for today’s digital imperative — focusing 80% on customer use cases and how-to guidance, and 20% on seeing technology in action that delivers value on day one.

The choices IT makes in this moment are crucial. Right now, there is an immediate opportunity for IT to respond, lead the business through change, and emerge stronger. Now is the time to unlock data to go digital, faster — using a future-proof approach that evolves with your business instead of adding crushing technical debt.

During this event, you’ll learn how to enable your enterprise to unlock data to adapt and go digital faster, how to score quick wins with Anypoint Platform in just 90 days, and get a deep-dive into our product. What makes MuleSoft CONNECT:Now so different from our other events is that this caters to the needs of attendees in various industries: 

  • Banking: Streamline and scale lending with API-led integration
  • Insurance: Become a customer-centric insurer by connecting core systems
  • Retail/CPG: Manage changing retail operations with real-time data
  • Manufacturing: Mastering real-time data in manufacturing – featured at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now EMEA
  • Healthcare: Revolutionize the patient journey in life sciences through APIs – featured at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now AMER
  • Public sector: Drive digital transformation in government with APIs – featured at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now JAPAC

Hear from innovative leaders

At this event, you’ll learn practical lessons you can take back to your organization and put into action over the next 90 days — to increase your speed to market, make your business more agile, and drive more efficient innovation.

You’ll hear from industry leaders who are pushing the boundaries of technology and business, forward-thinking customers who’ve risen to the challenge, and product experts who will show you how to deliver one quick win at a time. They’ll share how to accelerate your digital initiatives, improve your operational efficiency, and lower your IT costs, now. 

Engage with our MuleSoft Developer Community

Immediately following each MuleSoft CONNECT:Now event we will be hosting special MuleSoft Developer Meetups featuring technical presentations by customers and partners in the MuleSoft Community. Each Meetup will feature a live chat and networking opportunity following the presentations. These Meetups are great opportunities to chat with our MuleSoft Ambassadors, learn from MuleSoft experts around the globe, and meet more members in our vibrant Developer Community. Regional agendas can be found below!

Developer Meetup at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now EMEA, Oct. 8

This event will feature two MuleSoft Ambassadors with a general focus on Anypoint Studio. Felipe Ocadiz, IT Integration Engineer at Twitter will share his tips on becoming an Anypoint Studio “ninja.” He will be joined by Francis Edwards, Integration Analyst at Saint Gobain, discussing tools in addition to Anypoint Studio that ease integration challenges. Join us from 10:30am to 11:15am BST.

Developer Meetup at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now Americas, Oct. 13

For our Americas region, Brad Ringer, Principal Integration Architect at AT&T, will present how AT&T implemented Runtime Fabric to meet their integration needs including integrating with Salesforce. Following his presentation, Alexandra Martinez, MuleSoft Ambassadress and Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Bits in Glass, will provide a deep dive into advanced DataWeave transformations. Joins us from 10:30am to 11:15am PDT.

Developer Meetup at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now APAC, Oct. 20

Concluding our Developer Meetup series at MuleSoft CONNECT:Now will be Mary Joy Sabal, Sr. Integration Developer at Datacom, sharing how to create MuleSoft API templates using Maven Archetypes. Our final speaker will be Sravan Lingam, MuleSoft Ambassador and Consultant at Virtusa, leading a demo on how he built a virtual Tic-Tac-Toe game using MuleSoft Object Store v2. Join us from 2:30pm to 3:15pm AEST. 

Join us!

Register for one of the above free events by visiting our MuleSoft CONNECT:Now registration page and select the event you’d like to attend! Connect with MuleSoft on social: Follow @mulesoft, #MuleSoftCONNECT on Twitter.