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At MuleSoft, we are fortunate to have a global developer community that few enterprise software companies could ever dream of. This community is consistently active on our online channels, whether it is through our forums, Champions program, or social networks. By taking part in this digital community, many developers have become recognized experts, contributing brilliant Mule knowledge and mentorship to their peers.

Today, we are happy to announce that we are taking this energy even further: we’re launching a new MuleSoft Meetup program that will connect you – MuleSoft Developers – at the local level. That’s right, MuleSoft Meetup Groups are sprouting up around the world!

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MuleSoft Meetups are community-led events, bringing people together to explore, teach, and learn about API-led connectivity by sharing use cases and doing hands-on exercises. You don’t necessarily have to be a MuleSoft user to join: all API enthusiasts are welcome!

What you can expect at a MuleSoft Meetup

  • Learn about MuleSoft’s recent releases directly from the MuleSoft Team
  • Hear from users about their own use cases
  • Explain your integration challenges and get answers from the community
  • Meet with peers and expand your professional network
  • Exchange knowledge, find good candidates, or explore career opportunities

The best part? It’s free and in an informal atmosphere, where developers can hear from experts, learn new skills, and network with peers.

meetups mulesoft toronto
Dan Diephouse, Director of Product Management at MuleSoft, at our first Meetup in Toronto. June 2017.

Join a MuleSoft Meetup group near you!

Join a MuleSoft Meetup group to network with other Mule Developers, learn, share knowledge, and grow your skills together.

Each group is run by one or more amazing local leader(s) who have a close relationship with our Developer Relations Team. These leaders are empowered with the right tools and resources to serve their local developer community with the answers, tips, and tricks that enable the community to succeed further in their projects.

Over 40 MuleSoft Meetup groups were precursors and have been running for a while, including those in Seattle, Atlanta, New York, and London. These groups are progressively being onboarded into this new program. We’re excited to see their continued growth!

From the U.S, New Zealand, and Spain to Japan, India, and beyond ––the MuleSoft Community is vibrant all over the globe and we want to bring it together!

mulesoft meetup
John d’Emic, Client Architect, presents the synergies between Anypoint and PCF at our Meetup in New York City. May 2017.

How can I volunteer at my MuleSoft Meetup group?

There are many ways you can contribute to your local MuleSoft Meetup group:

  • Reach out to your local leader and suggest a topic for a next event
  • Give a talk and share your experience
  • Host an event in your office, offer food and beverages, and more
  • Have something else in mind? Contact us!

Can’t find a group in your region? Apply now for a chance to become a MuleSoft Meetup Group Leader!