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Consumers who use multiple channels to shop spend 9% more when they come into the store. In fact, 73% of today’s consumers use more than four channels to complete their shopping journey. But how can retailers create and deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels when an average commerce transaction crosses over 39 different systems? One approach is headless commerce with APIs — the decoupling of front and back-end commerce systems, allowing for rapid changes to customer-facing experiences without impacting back-end development. With fewer systems to change, retailers can quickly launch new commerce experiences on any channel and increase the number of customer touchpoints throughout the entire shopping journey. Get started on headless commerce with MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, a solution that allows you to unlock your legacy back-end systems and unify your customer data for headless commerce three times faster.

Stop by our booth (#1306) or one of our NRF 2020 sessions to learn how MuleSoft and Commerce Cloud can help your brand adopt headless commerce. If you’re interested in attending one of our sessions below, click on the time you’re interested below and add the session to your calendar. 

Theater sessions 

Connect your commerce with MuleSoft 

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Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

Time: Sunday at 1:30pm, Monday at 2:30pm, and Tuesday at 11am  

Location: Booth #1306, MuleSoft Booth

Global eCommerce sales are expected to increase 250% in the next three years. So how can companies deliver customer innovations — from chatbots to loyalty programs? Learn how MuleSoft can connect all your commerce systems, data, and processes to deliver on your customers’ expectations while building a competitive advantage.

Illustrating the headless strategy:  What Is It? How does it accelerate my eCommerce business?

Time: Monday at 10am

Location: Booth #5125, Salesforce Theater

Headless Commerce” is the most misunderstood term in commerce today. This session will demystify the term “Headless,” show you how to identify headless use cases and adopt headless strategy in your organization and get ahead with the Salesforce Commerce Platform.

MuleSoft + Commerce Cloud Solution: Make headless commerce a reality

Time: Monday at 9am

Location: Booth #5125, Salesforce Theater

Achieving headless commerce can be challenging since modern eCommerce experiences require data from your OMS, PIM, ERP, WMS, and POS systems. What if MuleSoft and Salesforce Commerce Cloud provided a solution that accelerated and simplified this process? Join this session to watch a demo of the solution and learn more.

Headless commerce demos

MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud demo

Location: Booth #5125, MuleSoft Demo Pod

Unlock real-time inventory and product data from your back office systems 3x faster using MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud, a pre-built integration solution that connects your customer, inventory and product information management systems directly into Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud innovation demo

Location: Booth #5125, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Demo Pod

The Salesforce Commerce platform is delivering continued innovation with new developer tools and API-led headless services, new Einstein AI features and analytics, and the introduction of Salesforce Order Management.

How can MuleSoft help you deliver your connected commerce experiences faster? Check out our full list of MuleSoft sessions at NRF or stop by Booth #1306 at NRF from January 12-14, 2020.