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MuleSoft's CONNECT 2018, the world's premier conference for digital transformation, is just around the corner! This year's conference brings more content for developers, architects, and business executives, including topics around what's new with Anypoint Platform and how to deploy your Mules to the cloud. The conference will also include training and free certification opportunities, as well as sessions tailored to key roles––from developers and advanced developers to architects and business executives!

Read on to learn the top 3 reasons why you should attend MuleSoft's CONNECT 2018!

1. Expert speakers and ample networking opportunities

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During MuleSoft's CONNECT 2018, you will hear from expert speakers on a wide range of topics. You will learn from inspiring leaders, thinkers, and innovators as they share their vision of a connected future and the state of digital transformation. Speakers include Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sovan Shatpathy, CTO at Amtrak, Jameson Triplett, Lead Integration Systems Engineer at Airbnb, and more!

2. Hands-on demos and various breakout learning sessions

MuleSoft's CONNECT 2018 provides attendees with the opportunity to see hands-on demos and attend breakout learning sessions. There will be 60+ deep-dive breakout sessions that allow attendees to learn, strategize, and build great software that delivers on strategic business projects––whether it is creating a single view of the customer or moving to the cloud!

Examples of breakout sessions from guest speakers during CONNECT include:

  • Change your approach to integration to empower digital transformation, presented by Massimo Pezzini, Gartner Research
  • How ASICS runs faster with , presented by Philip Connaughton, ASICS
  • Tips and tricks: How Airbnb automates their deployment pipeline, presented by Jameson Triplett, Airbnb
  • Tips from Champions: How to write and test your integrations, presented by Felipe Ocadiz, Twitter

You will also hear from the MuleSoft team during breakout sessions, covering topics such as:

  • What's new with Anypoint Platform?
  • Mastering 4 & Studio 7
  • Measuring your application network performance and health
  • Fastest and easiest way to deploy Mules to your cloud

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your agenda today!

3. On-site MuleSoft training and free certification exams

One of the best parts about CONNECT 2018 is the opportunity to participate in on-site MuleSoft training and free certification exams! These hands-on, instructor-led trainings provide you with the opportunity to gain more knowledge from MuleSoft experts about the product as well as learn more about the full-range of the product's features! Plus, with the free certification exams, you will be able to showcase your technical proficiency of Anypoint Platform!

Examples of training that are on the agenda for MuleSoft CONNECT include:

  • Anypoint Platform: API design + workshop
  • Anypoint Platform architecture: Application networks + special workshop
  • Anypoint Platform development: Mule 4 for Mule 3 Users
  • Getting started with Anypoint Platform
  • Anypoint Platform: Flow designer

The best part is that MuleSoft's CONNECT 2018 is tailored to all types of attendees. This means that if you are a who is just getting started, an advanced architect or developer that wants to learn new tips, or a business leader looking to deliver better value for your company, there are keynotes, breakout sessions, and training available at your disposal!

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