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Last week, we held an unforgettable CONNECT 2018 conference over the course of three days, with more than 100+ speakers, 90+ sessions, and 40+ partners. Attendees heard from the MuleSoft team through a series of keynotes––from Uri Sarid’s, CTO at MuleSoft, demo of AI use cases to Greg Schott’s, CEO at MuleSoft, and Marc Benioff’s, CEO at Salesforce, fireside chat!

The breakout sessions also provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about Anypoint Platform and see what innovative solutions and initiatives customers and partners are implementing. In the expo hall, attendees networked with peers, asked Mule experts questions, visited the Dev Zone, and watched various demos.

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We sat down with a group of Muleys to hear more about their experience at CONNECT and learn the top 5 highlights from the conference. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Watching the keynotes, especially the announcement of the Titan release

“Connect 2018 was amazing, it was packed with customers and prospects from all around the world. I saw people at the San Jose airport wearing MuleSoft t-shirts and swag before and after the event! It was a great opportunity to talk to many Anypoint Platform customers, understand their needs, and demo our products. One of the things I enjoyed the most was Mark Dao’s keynote on the product roadmap, even more, when the features he showcased were all available in the Titan release.” – Matias Coaker, Engineering team. 

2. Meeting passionate Mule developers from across the world

“This year’s CONNECT was particularly special for me, as it coincided with the first anniversary of the Meetup Program that I lead. After seeing pictures from Meetups across the world all year long, I was finally able to meet everyone in person! Many Meetups members and leaders came by and it was great to chat with them, hear about their experiences with the MuleSoft community, and introduce them to each other. On May 8th, I hosted a special Meetup with top contributors from the community. We had a panel with 6 leaders who regularly contribute great content to the community. The panel was so inspiring that other developers came up to me after the event to ask how they can start organizing Meetups in their cities!” – Sabrina Marechal, Developer Relations  team

3. Demoing IoT and Anypoint Platform use cases

“It was terrific to see customers inspired by the IoT and Anypoint platform demos at CONNECT! Customers also shared some cutting-edge use cases and ideas for their application network. Our MuleSoft Solutions Consultant team discussed the technical design for their ideas in detail, and how we could work together to achieve their vision. For instance, retail industry use cases for virtual reality and augmented reality are on the horizon!” – Nick Schott, Solutions Consultant team

4. Hearing from a variety of experts in 90+ sessions

“The customer speakers at MuleSoft CONNECT 2018 blew me away. Some of my favorites were Amtrak, Hertz, Pilot Flying J, and Big Bus because of the innovations they’re driving for consumers like me. As a consumer, it’s easy to get frustrated when a company’s mobile app isn’t totally seamless or their sales agents don’t know your reservation number when you call. But then you hear about the massive complexity these companies are facing internally. They have thousands of applications in their organization, many of which have been around for half a century or more! These IT leaders aren’t okay with the status quo. They’re pushing hard within their organizations to drive change and be leaders in the industries by launching services like IoT-enabled parking lots and mobile car rentals. I’m excited to see the products and solutions they continue to develop in the future!” – Ellie Sholz, Corporate Communications

5. Seeing Third Eye Blind perform at the CONNECT party

“For me, CONNECT was a great opportunity to meet customers within various sectors across the world! My job is to bring customer stories to life, and hearing stories and innovative use cases of Anypoint Platform first-hand was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Beyond that, I think that one of the top highlights from CONNECT was seeing Third Eye Blind, one of my favorite throwback bands, perform at the official CONNECT party! They were my favorite band in college and the opportunity to see them perform live was awesome!” – Lindsay Daniels, Customer Marketing

An unforgettable CONNECT 2018!

And that’s a wrap, thanks to everyone that joined us at the conference! Couldn’t make it to CONNECT 2018? Check out upcoming MuleSoft Summits in Europe as well as the Asia-Pacific region!

All images by Ruba Aleryani.