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The combination of legislative, technological, and market pressures has created a digital transformation imperative in healthcare.

For healthcare IT teams, addressing this imperative requires the the ability to expose and orchestrate data between clinical and non-clinical systems, while doing so in a way that promotes reuse and accelerates project delivery.

Building off best practices from working with leaders in hospitals, health systems, payer, and life sciences, MuleSoft is excited to launch our Catalyst for Healthcare, a set of productized assets that accelerates development for the most common use-cases in healthcare. The Catalyst includes:

  • An API-led architecture for healthcare
  • System APIs designed in RAML to accelerate development on top of EHR systems
  • Defined process and process experience APIs to support IT projects for providers, payers, and life sciences companies.

In this webinar, Matt Serna, MuleSoft healthcare marketing lead, and Anton Kravchenko, MuleSoft solutions content manager, will demo how the healthcare catalyst supports:

  • Patient/member onboarding
  • Scheduling appointment scheduling
  • Creating and exposing patient 360 views in Salesforce
  • Device EHR integration

Following the demo, Sunil Venkataram, Senior Manager at Deloitte, will provide a sneak preview of Care Connect, a new Deloitte solution designed to help healthcare providers to address their highest priority strategic objectives through digital transformation.

Webinar Date: Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time: 8:00 am – 9:00 am Pacific Time

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