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If you think the world is becoming more complex, you are probably right. One place where this is readily apparent is the supply chain industry. It used to be that a typical supply chain was made up of 5 or 6 suppliers. Now, thanks to specialized manufacturing and globalization, a supply chain might have hundreds of partners with complex relationships. This has had profound consequences on numerous industries, notably retail, logistics, and manufacturing.

Businesses need a way to communicate with their suppliers, but the industry standard for B2B messaging, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), is an aging and in some ways unwieldy technology. Using EDI, it can take a long time to onboard partners for example, and in today’s world where agility is a business-critical capability, that just is not acceptable.

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On July 21, we will be hosting a webinar to present a solution to this problem, and explain how businesses are using the architectural approach, API-led connectivity, to maintain EDI as a standard but still attain the agility and operational excellence a modern organization must have. 

We will be demoing our B2B solution, Anypoint B2B, as well as demonstrating how it works with Anypoint Platform. We will also be presenting a case study of one of our customers who is using our solutions to make their supply chain more agile and flexible.

If you are struggling with supply chain issues, or you want to know how to create innovative experiences on top of EDI messaging, then this webinar is for you. Register today in the webinar screen above or in the webinar landing page!