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Today, we are excited to announce MuleSoft Composer — a quantum leap forward in making integration as easy as one, two, click for non-developers. 

If you’re a developer or work in IT, you may already be familiar with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform — the world’s #1 integration and API platform. With Anypoint Platform, IT teams can securely integrate systems and unify data with reusable APIs to launch key business initiatives such as building connected customer experiences and automating business processes. Thousands of organizations — including Airbus, Unilever, BP, and ASICS — rely on Anypoint Platform™ to deliver speed, agility, and innovation at scale.

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We built MuleSoft Composer to address the same challenge, but for a different audience: knowledge workers in lines of business (LoB) who aren’t developers. Read on to find out why empowering non-developers to build integrations benefits everyone, the challenges that Composer solves, and the first solution to our tailored approach to making Composer available for everyone: MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce.

Why IT and LoB partnerships are key to the composable enterprise

The future of the enterprise is composable — where business capabilities are easily accessible as modular, interchangeable building blocks. However, IT alone cannot deliver on the promise of the connected composable enterprise. 

Although developers are irreplaceable when it comes to building APIs that unlock core systems for the composable enterprise — there will never be enough of them. In the recent State of Business and IT Innovation report, which surveyed 1,739 LoB workers, 58% of respondents revealed that they feel IT spends more time “keeping the lights on” than driving innovation. And 51% stated they are frustrated by the speed at which IT teams deliver on LoB projects. 

Knowledge workers in the LoB who aren’t developers have the potential to help IT scale — this is an untapped opportunity. According to the same report, more than two-thirds (68%) of respondents think that IT and LoB workers should come together to jointly drive innovation. 

How does that work in practice? Imagine a system admin who wants to move away from error-prone, manual data imports and automate their day-to-day workflows. 

In most organizations today, the LoB worker is entirely dependent on IT to deliver on their request to automate and innovate. However, this dependence is unsustainable for both IT and the business — IT cannot keep up, 58% of LoB workers think IT spends more time keeping the lights on than driving innovation. 

To truly realize the potential of the composable enterprise, LoB workers need an integration solution that empowers them to securely access systems so they can innovate at scale with IT. 

And LoB workers are looking for such an integration solution. Results from the State of Business and IT Innovation report show that 80% of LoB workers believe that if data and IT capabilities were discoverable and available in pre-packaged building blocks, they could deliver on integration projects more quickly. 

MuleSoft Composer aims to do just that. 

MuleSoft Composer is built on the foundation of Anypoint Platform, sharing the same enterprise-grade collaboration, runtime, monitoring, security, and governance capabilities. It is the only integration solution that gives organizations the best of all worlds — the no-code, point-and-click environment experience that non-developers want and the enterprise-grade reliability, security, and governance that IT expects. 

With MuleSoft Composer, LoB workers and IT can innovate together better and faster. The first step in that vision arrives through one of the most commonly used enterprise SaaS apps in the world — Salesforce.

Say hello to MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce 

There’s no doubt that the IT and LoB partnership can accelerate innovation, and LoB workers are hungry for a solution that allows them to access and connect data with ease. However, the majority of LoB workers do not want to leave the business apps native to their data-to-day workflows to solve integration challenges. 

For example, say you’re a Salesforce admin and you want to automatically bring in data from external databases or apps — wouldn’t it be much easier if your integration tool is embedded directly in your admin console? Well, that’s what MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce is for. 

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce enables Salesforce admins to connect apps and data to Salesforce and automate integrations quickly and easily with clicks, not code — all inside of the Salesforce UI.  

This means Salesforce admins no longer have to wait for IT resources to complete their high priority projects. Instead, they can jump right in and build the integrations they need — whether it’s in service of improving the customer experience, gaining deeper insight into business performance, or automating everyday manual tasks.

See what’s next for MuleSoft Composer

By empowering IT and LoB workers with tailored solutions that allow them to collaborate better and more seamlessly, MuleSoft and Salesforce are enabling organizations to truly unleash the full power of the composable enterprise.

Excited to get your hands on MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce? It’ll be available soon — and it’ll mark just the beginning of our journey to empower LoB workers.

As our journey continues, we’ll also add even more sophisticated capabilities within Anypoint Platform — simplifying how IT monitors, secures, and governs integrations built by the business as well as releasing enhanced features that enable IT and the business to collaborate more effectively.  

And for organizations that are not existing Salesforce/MuleSoft customers or don’t have IT development teams — we haven’t forgotten about you! In the future, MuleSoft Composer will be readily available for organizations not yet using Salesforce Customer 360 or MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform. 

Start your journey to democratizing data access and integration 

IT resources at many organizations are scarce, but LoB workers still need to deliver on their high priority projects and organizations still want to realize the promise of a composable enterprise. The reality today is that LoB workers across organizations are hungry for a solution that allows them to connect data and apps with clicks, not code — and MuleSoft Composer aims to do just that.   

Learn more about MuleSoft Composer or dive deeper into the features of MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce by registering for DreamTX to watch a demo of the product.

If you’re curious about how to start building a composable enterprise via APIs, learn more about API-led integration. And if you’re an existing Salesforce Customer 360 user that’s looking to automate workflows, learn more about MuleSoft and Einstein Automate