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We are excited to announce our May 2021 product release — with new features that will help IT teams deliver digital initiatives faster as organizations shift from a virtual world to a hybrid environment for both their customers and employees. 

Last year, IT teams were overwhelmed with additional project requests as a result of the digital needs brought on by the pandemic. According to the Connectivity benchmark report, only 37% of IT teams were able to complete all the projects asked of them. With this increased workload and the need to accelerate delivery, IT teams need to work faster.

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These new product updates and features will enable IT to do just that. We’ve worked to develop features that drive innovation in composability, automate business processes, and increase IT productivity. 

Included in this release is Anypoint DataGraph, which allows developers to serve data across multiple APIs with just a single GraphQL request. Additionally, we’ve added new  Anypoint Connectors, Composer Connectors, and MuleSoft Accelerators to make automating complex business processes easier with out-of-the-box capabilities. We are also accelerating developer productivity with new deployment methods, data transformation functions, and B2B/EDI standards. 

Here’s what our May 2021 release has to offer.

Anypoint DataGraph

Anypoint DataGraph allows customers to innovate faster by consuming data from multiple APIs in a single request. This allows developers to reuse multiple APIs at once – without writing multiple API requests, or custom code to parse through long responses. 

Features include: 

  • Creation of a unified schema of your APIs to democratize data access across your org.
  • Ability to consume and reuse multiple APIs in a single GraphQL request to innovate faster.
  • Reduced overhead and maintenance with the capability to run the DataGraph as a SaaS app.

Enabling connectivity

MuleSoft also enables IT teams and business teams with the assets they need to integrate and automate business processes — via all-new Anypoint Connectors, Composer Connectors, and MuleSoft Accelerators.

We’ve extended our support by adding the following Anypoint Connectors: 

We have also optimized specific Anypoint Connectors for MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce — a no-code integration tool that empowers business teams to integrate apps and data with a library of pre-built connectors and accelerators. 

Composer Connectors enable sales teams to streamline operations, HR teams to enhance employee experience, and helps teams foster collaboration from anywhere. New Composer Connectors include: 

  • Google Sheets
  • Netsuite 
  • Tableau
  • Slack
  • Workday
  • Salesforce

There is a range of upcoming and already available MuleSoft Accelerators to unlock ERP data, streamline procure-to-pay, and jumpstart enterprise-wide customer 360 initiatives: 

Developer experience 

Many of the new products and features will increase IT productivity and drive efficiency across Anypoint Platform. Below are some enhancements that will improve the developer experience:

  •  Anypoint Runtime Fabric — now available on AKS, EKS, and GKE — enables customers to deploy consistently across any environment and get containerization benefits such as isolation, horizontal scaling, and auto redeploy with the lower operational and management cost of managed K8s services.
  • Anypoint Studio 7.9, alongside a new public DataWeave playground on the MuleSoft Developer site. Mule devs can now learn DataWeave in a sandbox environment where they can write and test data mappings as well as an experiment before building new projects. To help new users master the DataWeave language, there is a guided tutorial with exercises and an interactive output. The underlying infrastructure has been upgraded in Studio 7.9 to Eclipse 4.18 and Java 11 — adding official support for macOS Big Sur operating systems. Additionally, Mule devs now have the option to use dark theme. 
  • Anypoint Partner Manager will now support EDIFACT message format and FTP transport protocol. With this release, customers with a trading partner presence in EMEA/APAC (where EDIFACT is widely used) or that are exchanging data through FTP can manage their partner relationships with Anypoint Partner Manager. 
  • Anypoint Monitoring now enables customers to comprehensively manage all of their alert settings in one place. 
  • Multiple feature enhancements on Anypoint API Community Manager make it easier to discover and explore APIs in developer portals — simplifying the experience for API consumers.

The MuleSoft May 2021 product release is here

Ready to enjoy these new features? Get started by downloading Anypoint Studio 7.9 or learn more about Anypoint DataGraph by registering for the free webinar